Home Entertainment Britney Spears stuns in a purple bikini top and tiny shorts while dancing on a lifeguard tower

Britney Spears stuns in a purple bikini top and tiny shorts while dancing on a lifeguard tower

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Britney also did some yoga on the beach.

Britney Spears enjoyed the regenerating sun and fresh air on a trip to the beach. On Thursday, the 38-year-old pop sensation brought to Instagram to share a video of her excursion to the sea with her 23.6 million followers. Britney has revealed that she has turned a lifeguard tower into a mini stage while sunbathing.

Britney’s beachwear included a purple string bikini top, a pair of tiny low-rise khaki shorts and a cowboy hat. Britney was shown climbing the railing of a lifeguard tower. He stopped briefly to joyfully raise his arms in the air while he was on the lower rail.

The singer then carefully stretched her athletic figure on the top of the railing so that it was lying on her back. He landed with his head tilted back over the corner of the railing and his left knee bent. After sitting down and hitting some other flirty positions, she came down again. Britney was spinning happily and dancing on the wooden platform surrounding the small building. He ended his performance by climbing up the railing.

Britney’s video also included footage of the energetic singer doing some yoga poses on the beach. In these shots, Britney had abandoned her shorts and hat and was wearing only her purple bikini. Some of the basic yoga exercises that he performed included the dog facing up to the transition of the dog facing down, cat and cow, warrior and side board.

In the caption of her post, Britney shared a cheerful message of happiness and positivity with her fans.

Britney’s boyfriend, actor and fitness model Sam Asghari replied to the video of the singer joking that he has just created a new tourist spot.

“That life guard post is going to be the most iconic post ever,” wrote Sam.

Britney fans also had a lot to say about her latest upload to social media.

“It’s Britney, beach,” joked a commentator.

“Ugh you don’t know how much joy you and your posts bring to millions of people,” wrote another fan. “Keep getting Brit.”

“Imagine that you are that random person walking on the beach just to be blessed enough to witness the pop queen practicing on her own just a few steps away,” observed a third admirer.

One of Britney’s followers noted that the first half of her sea show took place right next to a sign warning bathers not to climb the lifeguard tower.

“Britney says” go away “- I’ve always admired your rebellious spirit,” wrote the fan.

Many Britney followers also responded to her post by citing the coronavirus pandemic and advising her to stay inside.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, singer “Toxic” said she plans to share daily yoga posts with her fans to inspire them “to stay healthy and healthy” as the deadly coronavirus continues to spread.


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