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Broken arms, defeat Izu and Omielańczuk, and finally Pudzian’s outstanding elimination

Oh, we got a serious battle card in KSW 70. Maybe the weather wasn’t the best, because the Łódź gala was held alongside the Champions League final, but anyone who bet on tonight’s MMA could be satisfied. The battle of the evening was great, where Mariusz Pudzianowski knocked out Michał Materla in a phenomenal style. Daniel Omielańczuk, returning to KSW after almost thirteen years, suffered a defeat in the co-main event.

The main and co-main events were the performance of those convicted of failure. First, Daniel Omielańczuk and Ricardo Prasel entered the cage. The former is one of the Polish MMA legends, who fought in KSW almost thirteen years ago. After traveling all over the world (he fought even in the UFC or ACA) he returned to the cage of the federation and matched Prasel, who in the last battle came out of a big problem in conflict with Michał Kita and won by the TKO. the second round. The German of Brazilian descent was placed in the role of a loser, and in the first round he handed over experienced Poles. Omielańczuk intercepted his leg, overturned his rival and went to the floor. – I was wrong – he admitted after the fight. Prasel is a leading BJJ specialist, holding the Omelanchuk ankle and reaching the ankle joint. The only favorite had to type.

Prasel was happy and upset when she was placed in a vacant lot. He pulled it off in an interview and announced that he wanted to go into the heavyweight category. Does he have a chance? Well, with Kita and Omielanczuk on the schedule, he has a small group of players with whom he can fight in KSW in the royal division.

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KSW 70. Pudzianowski turn off light Materla

If you showed someone who has no idea about Polish MMA, a picture from Materla and Pudzianowski’s weigh-in, and then say that one of the least considered a favorite in this clash, it would be definitely don’t believe it. Pudzianowski carried a dozen or so kilograms more in weight, on the day of the battle the disproportion was probably even greater. Materla agreed to this challenge and rode two weight classes. But he was not in a losing position – he has won five of the last six battles, recently lost only to Roberto Soldic, and moreover, he is one of the most experienced players in Poland.

“Pudzian”, however, at the beginning of the battle connected Materla, who tried to hunt and blow on the torso of a heavier rival. Maybe it was a smart tactic to tire the giant, but Pudzianowski didn’t allow his cardio to be tested. After a little over a hundred seconds, with a powerful chin, well hit, he knocked down the opponent, who immediately lost consciousness.

The loss of the deficit lasted a long time, and the fans gathered at the Atlas Arena froze, because everyone knew that Pudzianowski’s cheek could wreak havoc. Materla, however, finally got up, and in an interview after the fight he admitted that … he did not remember the blow, nor the blow of the fight. And he will be tempted to make a broader analysis only when he sees this clash of repeat.

An interesting event took place in the cage, because Mariusz Pudzianowski stated that he was ready to face Mamed Khalidov. Again, we would have to deal with a battle between a giant and a competitor clearly smaller in size, but with enormous experience. Khalidov initially accepted this challenge, although he recently sided with Roberto Soldic for a rematch. It is now in the hands of KSW matchmakers.

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What else happened at KSW 70?

It was very interesting, because seven of the nine clashes ended early. Only Anita Bekus and Roberta Zocco won on points, and Bartosz Leśko defeated Damian Piwowarczyk in a very even, albeit somewhat boring, fight. For the latter, it was the first defeat in MMA and it must be admitted that the player defined in the 2021 discovery of the Polish MMA did not do well today.

The fights between Ivan Erslan and Rafał Kijańczuk and Marek Samociuk from Izu Ugonoh ended in the first round. Erslan aspired to fight for the heavyweight belt after flooding “Kijana” with a series of blows under the net. Samociuk, on the other hand, broke Ugonoh to the ground even easier than a year ago. It is possible that this will be the last battle for Izu in the KSW federation. Again, it was only a background for Samociuk and after the fight he talked about his future.

The injuries ended the second and fourth battles of the gala. Albert Odzimkowski dominated Tommy Quinn in the first round and was confident of victory. But he probably did not expect it to happen in this due to the shock of the opponent. Quinn leaned on her arm as she secured the removal, and flexed abnormally in the elbow joint, perhaps suffering some nasty fractures.

A less dangerous but equally ugly-looking shock was interrupted by the clash between Radosław Paczuski and Jason Wilnis. In the third round, the Dutchman leaned on his hand sadly and when he got up from the mat, one of his fingers was bending in the wrong direction. The judge stopped the fight immediately. It’s a pity that it ended so, because both players presented us with a good kick-boxing in the MMA cage.

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KSW 70 is behind us, and on June 18 we will have KSW 71. And there will also be plenty to watch. Marian Ziółkowski will defend the light belt against Sebastian Rajewski, Artur Szpilka will prepare for his debut in the MMA cage, and Marcin Różalski will prepare to return to KSW.

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