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Buckingham is in a panic! A new bombshell from Harry and Meghan

Panic in Buckingham after Netflix announced the premiere date of the series about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, which is expected to reveal the secrets of the royal family disaster. The first of the six-part Duke and Duchess of Sussex docu-series begins on December 8. It’s called “Harry & Meghan”. The second episode will premiere on December 15, people reported.

The series sheds light on the ups and downs of the couple’s love story. In a new trailer released alongside the premiere date, Harry says: “It’s really hard to look back and not say, ‘What the hell happened?’

“There is a hierarchy in the family,” Harry continued. “You know, there are leaks, but there are also stories that carefully ‘grow’. It is a dirty game,” he said.

Then Megan added, “I realize they will never protect you.”

Referring to his late mother, Princess Diana, Harry said: “I was afraid. I did not want history to replay itself. Nobody knows the whole truth. We know the whole truth,” Harry added.

Megan hints with a gesture of her hand that after their marriage everything has changed. It’s about racism, shouts a commentator in the trailer. That he has a hatred for Meghan.

The project was directed by Oscar director Liz Garbus.

Meghan and Harry have signed up for the series in 2020.

According to Netflix, the series follows the time they courted and kept it secret, and the challenges that led them to feel forced to leave their permanent roles in the institution.

“With commentary from friends and family, most of whom have never spoken publicly about what they witnessed, and historians discussing the state of the Commonwealth today, the series does more than illuminate a couple’s love story. We paint a picture of our world and how we relate to each other.”

A few hours ago, it became clear that the spouses will take over the management of the company “Archwell” after a former associate resigned from his post, the news agency of the world reported.

Mandana Dayani announced her resignation as president.

A spokesman for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex said they will now take “full management” of the media and charity Archwell Foundation.

Dayani, 40, has been at the helm of the couple’s media and charity empire for less than 18 months. He personally manages the daily operations.

Her departure comes after a trailer promoting the couple’s Netflix docu-series was released on Thursday, BTA reports.

The spokesperson added: “Ms Dayani has been an integral part of Archwell and we are grateful for her dedication, commitment and leadership. Ms Dayani took the couple’s parental leave to take the company and its projects forward. She has successfully formed the vision and future of the foundation. His departure was planned together with the intention that the Duke and Duchess will now assume all the leadership of the companies. There will be no replacement in this position and Mrs. Dayani fully supports the Duke and Duchess in new ones. leadership roles while remaining friends.”

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