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Injured Zemgus Girgensona The Buffalo unit started the season with a loss to Washington’s Capitals 4: 6. Today, the two teams met again, and the Washington hockey players were once again superior, winning 2: 1. In the first period, both teams failed to score, although Buffalo’s team was in the numerical majority for six minutes. The results of the second third were revealed by a Czech striker from Washington Jacob Vranwho was able to beat the goalkeeper in a one – on – one walk. The Buffalo unit attacked much more actively during the continuation of the period, but they still failed to beat the Washington goalkeeper after two periods played. At the very beginning of the third period, the Buffalo unit equalized the result, Rasmuss Ristolainens beat the Czech debutant Vitek Vaneček with a hand stroke from the blue line. Washington hockey players remained more active in the game, who also crowned the goal in the eighth minute of the period, when Tom Wilson with an irresistible hand throw from the right throw circle reached 2: 1. At the end of the game, Buffalo still had the opportunity to play in the numerical majority, but they didn’t use it. The Sabers team tried their best to pull at least extra time, removing the goalkeeper, against the sixth player of the field, but it did not bear any fruit – Washington won the second victory this season over the Sabers team with 2: 1. In his debut game, 28 of 29 opponents’ throws were repulsed by a 25-year-old Czech goalkeeper in Washington Viteks Vanečeks.

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In another match Breidi Tkachuk goals and two assists have been awarded Ottawa Senators victory 5: 3 over Toronto ”Maple Leafs”. The Ottawa unit twice took the lead, but the breaking point of the game came immediately after the second goal was scored, when the Ottawa unit was able to beat Frederick Andersen three times in less than five minutes. The two teams exchanged one goal in the third period, which eventually allowed Ottawa to maintain his first victory of the new season. The two teams will meet each other again on the night of Sunday.

The second victory of the season was won by the champion of the National Hockey League Tampa “Lightning”which outperformed by 5: 2 Chicago Blackhawks. Captain of the Tampa Bay team Steven Stemcoss stood out with the goal scoring and a passing pass, meanwhile the goalkeeper Andrejs Vasilevskis dealt with 35 of 37 opponent shots fired.

The last game of the night took place between Colorado Avalanche a St. Louis ” Blues ” teams in which Colorado left no hope and were able to revenge (8: 0) for a loss two days ago in the season opener. The turning point of the game came in the second third, when the Colorado team used two numerical majorities and scored a total of four goals. Before the start of the third quarter, the St. Louis unit replaced the goalkeeper Jordan Binington against freshman Villi Huso, who did not slow down the Colorado attack, scoring four more goals in the final third.

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The success of Colorado with two goals and a pass was scored by the Swedish striker Gabriel’s Landeskūgs (today also reached the mark of 200 goals scored), Neitans Makinons added one goal and two assists, but last season’s best debutant winner Keils Makars made three assists. 13th dry career game for the German national goalkeeper Philip Gruberam, who repulsed all 21 completed shots by the goalkeeper, it should be mentioned that Grūbauer also had a successful pass in the second goal. The last time a St. Louis unit suffered a loss of at least eight goals was back on December 15, 1996, when the Blues conceded to the Vancouver Canucks with 0: 8.

NHL games tonight

Commands The result
Sabres– Capitals 1:2
Senators – Maple Leafs 5:3
Lightning – Blackhawks 5:2
Flyers – Penguins 5:2
Avalanche – Blues 8:0

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