Buhos will publish the new album ‘El victria day’ in the fall, and announce presentation concerts in Madrid and Barcelona

Owls will release the new album in the fall, ‘On Victory Day‘, which will become the fifth record project. After a year removed from the stage, the band from Calafell (Baix Penedès) announced the dates for the first two concerts, the first at the Riviera Hall in Madrid on March 6, and the second at Sant Jordi Club of Barcelona on March 13. Tickets go on sale this Sunday. In an interview with ACN, the lead singer of the group, Guillem Soler, has told ACN that part of the project songs are already made and dyed from the group’s usual “optimism, social criticism and national demand,” but others will end up during confinement and nesting. “from the current context”.

For the group, publishing a new record is always a “sign of victory”, especially for the success of the last two, an idea that is already reflected in the same title. Now, however, a year away from the stage they have been “missed” by the audience and playing live, but at the same time it has allowed them to calmly compose, polish each song and “choose a lot”. “So far, the rest of the albums have been released and the dynamics have been very different,” they say at ACN.

The band maintains the joy, the hope, the national demand, the social criticism, the defense of the minorities and the public as themes present in ‘The Day of Victory’, very similar to that of the last works. “It is what we are when we come together, it is what we breathe and dye in our songs,” says Soler.

In fact, their way of looking at the world is already clear in the first of their progressive songs, ‘Near the Gods’, written over a year ago and which is grateful for the unconditional support of the audience. “We have infinite gratitude for them,” he says.

However, he acknowledges that the coronavirus confinement period will be present on the songs they were still working on, but he maintains a positive look: “There will be a rebirth soon and we will look forward to concerts.”

First concert in Madrid

The group from Calafell have decided to announce the first concert of presentation of ‘The Day of Victory’ in Madrid, where they played on the last tour and sold out the tickets. “We thought we would come back and we did,” says Soler.

Although the band has much of the repertoire in Catalan, always included in the records three or four pieces in Spanish, a fact that “the public likes.” However, the success outside the Catalan Countries believes that most people are “open-minded” and have “respect” for other languages, “much more than the media teach us”.

“In the end, we don’t give concerts for PP youths, but for open-minded people,” he jokes. In that sense, the Buhos singer believes that “language problems” are not “as great as politicians are trying to make themselves see.”

Stay Homas, a project “compatible” with Buhos

Amid the confinement, three of the band members living together have pushed for a joint project with Buhos, this is Stay Homas, who has become a prominent figure in the Catalan music scene. “I hope it continues, we will do our best,” says Soler, who is not a member.

He, who is not part of the project, was not surprised by the success of the new group because he understands that this is the logical consequence when you put under the same roof “three types like them locked in the same house”, which end up becoming be in a “clock bomb”. “We are in front of an incredible monster that must be compatible with Buhos. We are friends and we will assemble ourselves in the best way,” he says.


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