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Bukele calls doctors who threaten a national health strike “charlatans”

(Photograph from the presidential house) The President of the Republic, Nayib Bukele, denounced this weekend the intentions of a group of doctors, brought together in a little-known association, who intend to go on a “national health strike” in protest against the low salaries that according to them doctors earn in the national health services.

The professionals who identify themselves with the acronym MPUSD_ SV , published on the X network that they are considering “the biggest national health strike they have seen in El Salvador” but they do not mention economic demands, if not political ones. “His reelection of him is illegal” say the signatories, referring to the president’s intentions to participate as a candidate in the next presidencies in 2024.

For his part, President Bukele faced the threat from MPUSD and described its members as “charlatans.”

“It is clear that for this association of doctors, the patients are not important, neither is the existence or shortage of medicines, nor the equipment, nor the supplies, they are not even interested in fighting for their “fired colleagues”, as they stated a few weeks ago. The only thing that interests them is the elections. Here they make it very clear. No serious doctor would fall into the trap of these quacks.” Bukele said in his daily message through the X.

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