Bundesliga could be played to the end with masks

Occupational safety is even more important than usual in the Corona crisis. A proposal from the relevant ministry for professional football is causing a stir in this context. It is about the continuation of the Bundesliga with a face mask.

The Federal Ministry of Labor proposes in an internal paper that the football professionals restart the Bundesliga Wear protective masks. It quotes the news magazine “Spiegel” on Friday from the tripartite statement of the Department of Occupational Safety and Health on the hygiene concept of the German Football League (DFL). The medical masks should not slip and would have to be changed every 15 minutes.

Bundesliga could continue in May

As an alternative, it is proposed that all teams, including coaches and supervisors, be kept in permanent until the end of the season quarantine to send, for example in a hotel. The Ministry of Labor confirmed on “Spiegel” demand that the paper was created in the department. However, it is a “first draft”, the minister Hubertus Heil (SPD) did not exist.

The DFL had its plan for a resumption of the season in the Bundesliga and 2nd league presented under strict hygiene conditions and regular corona tests. Possible The restart date is May 9th. Political approval is a prerequisite.


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