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Bundesliga is slowly starting up operations

by drbyos

Dhe Bayern pros are still good at cyber training in their home office, in Dortmund the BVB players have been moving around the stadium area at least in small groups since the beginning of the week, and FC Augsburg is even training as a team behind closed doors. Although the season in the 1st and 2nd soccer Bundesliga is still at least until April 30th, many clubs are slowly starting to prepare for the re-start hoped for by the entire industry.

The training break recommended by the German Football League (DFL) ends on Sunday, and not all 36 professional clubs have followed the deadline anyway. On Friday morning there were seven clubs in the upper house again on the club premises, only eleven clubs let the players work on their fitness individually at home.

In the second division, the practice operation has already started at some locations – such as the leader Arminia Bielefeld. The clubs have to pay careful attention to compliance with official requirements, which vary from state to state. While North Rhine-Westphalia has loosened the requirements somewhat, the training at the Hamburg neighborhood club FC St. Pauli is even monitored by police patrols.

Training ban in Bremen

Werder Bremen is hit very hard: the penultimate table of the Bundesliga may not even return to limited training for the time being. The federal state of Bremen rejected an application from the association on Friday. The Senate is waiting for the countries to vote on this issue, said Interior Senator Ulrich Mäurer (SPD). “This is not an issue where there can be a patchwork.”

No wonder that some clubs are slightly displeased with the special path of FC Augsburg, where new coach Heiko Herrlich did not send the professionals to the home office at all. “We have training in groups and make sure that we have as little contact as possible. We don’t have any intense duels yet, ”midfielder Daniel Baier reported on TV Sky on Friday, adding:“ As long as it’s not forbidden, it’s legitimate. ”

The longing for the lawn, the ball, the duels, the usual everyday life with teammates is increasing throughout the industry. “The competition is missing. There is no way to get rid of the energy, ”admitted Munich international Joshua Kimmich. “Everyone is looking forward to training outside,” said Bayern coach Hansi Flick. But he also knows: “FC Bayern is eyed differently there.”

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Therefore, the record master still keeps his feet still. Because it is not universally understood that the professionals want to regain some normality. According to dpa information, critical inquiries from the amateur camp, where the entire operation was suspended for an indefinite period, are increasing in some state associations on the explosive topic. However, DFL boss Christian Seifert rejected emerging criticism of a special role for the first and second division clubs. “We don’t want extra sausage, which is not appropriate in these times either. But we are a commercial enterprise like many others, ”said Seifert last Tuesday after the DFL general meeting. “Training is also part of the job. And the clubs are trying to navigate through this time. “

The DFL creates the framework for this, including the formation of a medical task force. This is to develop a binding guideline, which, according to Seifert, “clarifies in detail under what conditions hygiene and prevention can be guaranteed in the best possible way when group training, team training is carried out – and in the event of resumption of play.”

163 games are still outstanding

According to information from the Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk, the first suggestions are to test the professionals for a possible infection with the corona virus every three days. If the result is positive, not all players in the team should be sent to quarantine, as was the case with Eintracht Frankfurt and Hertha BSC, but only the infected one. The DFL initially did not want to confirm this. “The task force has started work, but no results are yet available,” said the umbrella organization.

The primary goal remains to end the season by June 30th. Therefore, according to the MDR, there should be a plan that the teams have to play a game if they have 13 field players and two goalkeepers if the game continues. A total of 163 games are still outstanding in the two federal leagues. Aborting the season is currently not an option for DFL for sporting and above all economic reasons – around 750 million euros were lost as a result.

Adjustments to the rules of the game

In the meantime, the German Football Association (DFB) has responded with extensive adjustments to its rules of the game for all age groups and amateur leagues. The 2019/20 season can be extended beyond June 30 if necessary, the DFB announced on Friday. In this course, game entitlements, switching periods and contracts with players can be adjusted in time. In the event of a season break, special arrangements for promotion and descent would be possible.

It is one of the most far-reaching interventions in the history of the DFB in the game and youth regulations. The agreed changes are valid until June 30, 2021. With the beginning of the 2021/2022 season, the previous provisions should come into force again.


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