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Bundesliga – Round 34 summary: Bremen says goodbye to the Bundesliga

22.05. 15:30

Goals: 5. Erling Håland, 51. Marco Reus, 84. Erling Håland – 90. Lars Bender (pen.)

The duel between the two teams, which had their key puzzles to advance to the European Cups solved before their final match, turned out better for Dortmund, who said goodbye to the season with a victory and at the same time the final third place in the table. Leverkusen placed sixth, and while his opponent can look forward to the Champions League, he to the Europa League.

Borussia confirmed that the final phase of the year came out well, including matches in DFB-Pokal, in which, by the way, she won a valuable trophy, and won her overall eighth win in a row. Erling Håland twice entered the list of shooters, becoming the third most successful gunner in the league, lagging behind the second André Silva from Frankfurt by just one goal.

The guests spent two different parts of the season this year. If before the Christmas holidays they were still striving for the highest place, then in 2021 their performance deteriorated rapidly, Peter Bosz was dismissed as a coach even after the failure in the European League and was temporarily replaced by Hannes Wolf. At least he kept the team in the top places, but if it hadn’t been recorded, who knows if he would take them.

Both teams wanted to finish this year in the most dignified way possible, although the home team was perhaps a little more motivated, as they were still fighting for the third position with Wolfsburg. However, since his competitor was not enough for Mainz at home in the simultaneous measurement of forces, he did not have to worry about anything, as he also had a slightly better score.

The entry into the match was certainly much better for the charges of coach Edin Terzič. With 5 minutes played, seemingly due to lack of experience, Demir needlessly tripped an opponent just outside the penalty area, but the free kick that followed didn’t lead. farther rod.

Otherwise, however, both selections did not move much forward, it was clear that they lack a bit of a drive in the race, which most questions had already been answered in advance. And so another of the key moments came after the turn, specifically in the 51st minute. Reus played the standard situation from the left side through the center to sixteen, and to everyone’s surprise, he crossed the goal line.

Gray made a bid to take the lead as a ball coming in on the right hand side left Die Schwarzgelben completely alone with keeper Wåland, who made a spectacular block. Leverkusen received a reward in the 89th minute, the penalty, ordered for a foul by Cana in his own lime on Schick, was used by Lars Bender’s farewell career.

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