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Bundesliga: transfer market is about to change

Ghost games or no games at all, i.e. TV money or not? When does the next season start? What will the transfer window look like? What do the sponsors do? There are numerous question marks with which the upper house clubs at home have to deal with at the moment. Some experts expect cooling not only in summer, but also in the coming year or two.

“During the crisis, you can see more clearly what is behind it,” Freund is quoted in an APA interview, “Football is at the top of the pyramid, benefiting when the economy and society are doing well. Because it is entertainment that is paid for and long reach is achieved. ”One thing is clear for Salzburg’s successful manager:“ It will certainly not be that much money in the market for a certain time. Many clubs will consider possible or planned transfers very well or will not be able to make them. “

Group photo of the Tipico Bundesliga

APA / Roland Schlager

Freund (first row, 3rd from right) and his colleagues, here before the start of the spring round, look forward to the future

But because you don’t have a 100 percent reliable crystal ball at the Red Bull Club, Freund also limited that it is “currently difficult to make predictions. However, a lot will change for this summer. There will be far fewer transfers, and the volume of finance will also drop sharply. Clubs that have players under contract for a long time will continue to work with them. The demand will be lower. “

Caution from Vienna to Linz

Freund’s counterpart at Austria Wien can “imagine that the offer is no longer as large as it is currently”, said Peter Stöger on the club’s own format “Viola TV”. He was at least skeptical that prices would drop: “When I think about what was said after the banking crisis in 2008 and 2009 and then it developed rapidly and everything became more expensive by the hour – let’s see what comes next.”

Last but not least, Rapid’s sports director Zoran Barisic pointed out the speculation “that this year’s transfer window will be extended or not closed at all until the end of the year”. He believes that the transfer market “is currently coming to a standstill. With us, of course, all considerations are put on hold for now. However, it is still far too early to be able to make specific statements here, ”he said in relation to the many uncertainty factors.

LASK Vice President Jürgen Werner, once big in the transfer business and now largely responsible for the soaring of Linz, is assuming falling prices. “The transfer market will certainly collapse, nobody will pay large transfer fees for the time being,” Werner told the “Weekend” magazine. “This suits us by keeping the squad together, as does the postponement of the European Championship to 2021. If there had been one or two players from us and showed there, it would have been more difficult to keep them at LASK.”

WAC “not so badly positioned”

“The situation is very difficult,” said Christian Puff, Vice President of the RZ Pellets WAC. “Fewer transfers are to be expected,” said the Carinthian, whose club “is not so badly positioned due to transfers (including Michael Sollbauer, Marcel Ritzmaier, note) and the Europa League income”. “We are currently exploring the trend in discussions and have to prepare for all eventualities. I think that one or the other thinks, ‘I am in good hands with the club’, especially now that the clubs have completely different topics, ”said the Wolfsberg vice-president.

Erich Korherr from TSV Hartberg clarified. “Football will continue to turn when everything is in order again,” said the chairman of the Styrians, who had made the leap into the championship group of the Bundesliga as sixth of the basic round. Korherr also believes that contracts are currently not as lavish as they were last. “I noticed that there is a lot of solidarity and that the players will understand if they do not earn quite as much in the next season or in the next two seasons – provided the contracts are new.”

Michael Sollbauer (WAC)

GEPA / Daniel Goetzhaber

Transfers like that from Sollbauer to England to Barnsley filled up the till in Wolfsberg before the crisis

Hope for the end of the detachment “horror”

Franz Ponweiser, Mattersburg trainer and sports director in one team, is convinced that “everyone has to tighten their belts. Perhaps also in the longer term, depending on how long the story lasts. ”In view of the unclear future, it is clearly noticeable for him that“ the players also develop extreme loyalty to the club, are also patient ”. In any case, not much will change for the Burgenland in terms of new signings: “We have always made sure that we get players without high transfer fees.”

Amir Shapourzadeh, manager of FC Flyeralarm Admira, emphasized that “no serious answer” can be given to questions about implications for the transfer market. Similar to Ponweiser (“These horrendous transfers are completely alien to the world. How can you explain that to a person in times like this?”) Shapourzadeh has the slightest hope that the sums will be a little more tangible in the future: “Basically, and that’s what I have in In recent months and years, it would have been desirable for normality to return, especially in the transfer market. With certain transfers, this was not only overheated, but far away from human reality. ”

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