Bungie could destroy an entire planet, here’s the evidence – Multiplayer.it

Destiny 2 is a title in continuous evolution and expansion: an expansion that however, as the developers have repeatedly pointed out, will not be able to continue forever, nor in the form of mere additions to the contents already present. Here then that Bungie could destroy an entire planet within a short time.

The planet in question would be Titan. All the information that we are about to report to you obviously must be counted in the category of rumors and rumors, because there are no official confirmations (at least currently). Now, as you know, Destiny 2 players can buy emblems in every important area within the title: for a few days, the Titan emblem has presented a countdown. Take a look at this game screen dedicated to Sloane, in theimage shown below.

As you know, it is only those Destiny 2 objects that for one reason or another will abandon the game at some point, replaced by others; for example those of the weekly rotation. But a timer next to Titan obviously suggests something bigger: its destruction, eg. This would also confirm the words of game director Luke Smith and Bungie manager Mark Noseworthy; in their time they confirmed that the development team had considered the idea of ​​modifying also the environments of Destiny 2, if not directly to eliminate or destroy them.

It goes without saying that Reddit and the hangouts of Destiny 2 players are currently packed with conjectures and also of concern, on the part of those who willingly visited Titan. Other players, on the other hand, believe that Bungie’s title is far too large and dispersive: but what do you think of the situation? Do you think it’s appropriate to replace Titan with at least one other planet, or eliminate it entirely without adding anything else? And do you know that cheaters have increased by 50%, especially on PC?

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