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Buses with Dutch people at Kabul airport, US and UK warn evacuees

There are also reports that the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs has distributed such a warning to people who want to be evacuated from Afghanistan.

It is not clear what prompted the warning from the Americans and British. In recent days, there have been warnings of impending attacks by the Afghan branch of Islamic State.

More controls

According to correspondent Aletta André, who follows the situation in Afghanistan from India, more and more are coming checkpoints and checks around the airport. It seems that Taliban fighters almost only allow people with foreign passports and Afghans with visas for a third country to pass through. “They mainly stop people who want to leave because of their work in Afghanistan.”

Many people who have worked for or with foreigners in Afghanistan receive threats, according to André. “Threatening letters, telephone calls, house searches. There are also stories about people who have gone into hiding, where family members are knocked on.”

The biggest fear is what will happen when the Americans and the other foreign military personnel are completely gone. “The fear is that only then will the Taliban really strike, that only then will they really show their true nature.”

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