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Business as usual with Russia, Ukrainian president criticizes Nestlé and Swiss Bank | International | New Head Shell Newtalk

Zelensky addressed a crowd gathered outside the Swiss Federal Parliament in Bern.Photo/retrieved from the live video at www.facebook.com/zelenskiy.official

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the Swiss crowd today, criticizing companies including Nestlé for doing business with Russia “even when our children keep dying”, demanding that Swiss-Turkish companies stop doing business in Russia and urging Swiss banks to freeze the Kremlin Palace Elite Funds.

Volodymyr Zelensky, speaking to a crowd gathered outside the Swiss federal parliament in Bern, condemned business operations in Russia amid the siege of the port of Mariupol in southeastern Ukraine, Agence France-Presse reported. business as usual.

Thousands of protesters gathered in the square in front of the Federal Palace to listen to Zelensky’s nine-minute speech translated into German, but only audio was heard after video from Kyiv was cut off due to technical problems.

Zelensky slammed Swiss companies for continuing to do business in Russia, naming food giant Nestle in particular.

Nestlé’s slogan, he said, is “good food, good life”, “even as our children keep dying, our cities continue to be destroyed, and the people of Malipo are bombarded with no food. , there is no water or electricity, but business in Russia is business as usual.”

Zelensky said it was “sad” that those behind the conflict were hiding their funds in Switzerland. “Those who started this war are hiding their money in your banks. Please help fight this and freeze their funds. , urging them to join the ranks of “fighting evil”.

The crowd cheered when Zelensky called for the deprivation of those people’s property and privileges.

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Wealthy Russian residents in Switzerland have been increasing in recent years.

Swiss President Ignazio Cassis took to the stage to stand with the Ukrainian ambassador and other diplomats, with a sign above the stage reading “Unite with Ukraine, stop this war now”.

Kessis told Zelensky: “Dear Vladimir (Zelensky), your will to resist, your will to move forward, and your will to work with the Ukrainian people to overcome this terrible crisis, I am deeply impressed. Impressed.”

Caseys said he hoped the guns would die down soon and that Switzerland was ready to mediate or host negotiations.

Cases added that he was scheduled to visit the Polish border with Ukraine on the 21st. Cases said in a newspaper article earlier that “devastating madness” drove Russia to launch a war of invasion of Ukraine, and that Switzerland was ready to pay the price of defending freedom and democracy by imposing the same sanctions on Russia as the European Union.

Russia invades Ukraine

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