but it was not his respiratory tract that was affected …

Fatigue, difficulty in breathing, loss of taste or smell, the symptoms of the coronavirus are now known to everyone. Unfortunately, sometimes it goes further and infected people end up in hospital or, in the worst case, lose their lives.

Matthias, a 19-year-old Belgian, tested positive for the coronavirus. And if he is still alive today, he will remember this experience for a long time and it would have been fine. Because surprisingly, covid-19 did not attack his respiratory tract, but… his stomach.

Contaminated last October, he was initially a little sick. In good health, he had to deal with the famous “little flu” which does not frighten many people among the younger generations. But when he thought he was out of the woods, his health started to deteriorate in January. He had a stomach ache, felt himself leaving and vomited constantly: “Often, in the morning, I woke up because I was close to falling in the apples and I vomited”, he explains to the media of the group MediaHuis. “My doctor gave me several medications, but it never worked.”

Eight kilos lost

The more weeks went by, the more Matthias vomited and lost weight: “Even taking a shower was impossible for me”. Twice he was admitted to hospital. There, he learned that the coronavirus had attacked his stomach. “It’s still a blur, but what is certain is that my stomach is not working well anymore”. His condition was such that he was even forced to eat astronaut food because he did not know how to ingest anything.

Today Matthias is better. But he will never forget that for four months he kept throwing up. According to his doctor, several other young patients have already had similar symptoms after infection: “He thinks this may be a typical consequence of covid in young people, but it is impossible to prove”


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