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buy a luxurious apartment for € 9 million

The truth is that this possibility is latent and the one that can offer it is the City Football Group, which has Manchester City as one of the franchises, a club that had it in its sights in the last European summer and that, according to its owners, will return to the load from January.

Ehe City Footbal Group had offered him a global contract for 10 years, the first five to play for City and, once this stage was over, he would travel to the United States to join New York City, where he would spend the last years of his career, if he decided to retire then.

The truth is that Messi, unaware of this present, a year ago he had already bought an apartment in Miami and now he is about to acquire another in the Porsche building. The luxurious apartment has approximately 460 meters and, according to the finishes and amenities that the Argentine would have requested, its cost would be around 9 million euros.

The Spanish journalist José Antonio Ponseti, on the radio program “El Larguero”, said that “it is a very exclusive building, in an area where a large number of Russians reside, it is a very curious thing. In that building you have a direct elevator to your apartment, if you want nobody will see you ”.

El City Football Group offered the Rosario 750 million euros in those five years, distributed as follows: 500 million would come to him divided into 100 for each year of salary, and the last 250 would be received as a bonus for signing for the US team.

Moreover, the owner group of Manchester City offered him, if he did not want to go to New York City, the alternative of culminating his sporting cycle in one of the other seven franchises, among which the Yokohama Marinos and the Australian Melbourne City stand out.

The most concrete thing is that having bought properties in the United States, Messi decided to put an end to his career in the MLS. Also, when he retires, he would be given the chance to become Manchester City’s global ambassador.

All very tempting for the Rosario, but the truth is that starting tomorrow he has the possibility of starting a dialogue with all the clubs that are interested in hiring him to play from July 2021.

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