Wednesday, 17 Oct 2018

Buy cryptocurrencies: That’s the straightforward alternative

by Gerd Hübner, ?? uro on Sunday

According to the hype-cycle theory, every new technology, such as the Internet or 3-D printing, goes through five different phases of public attention. First, there is a technical breakthrough or an exciting project, which interests the professional audience in particular. Phase two is followed by broad coverage with unrealistic expectations of the new technology. In their environment, more and more companies are being created, which are being rated higher and higher.

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But sometime it turns out: The expectations are too high, they can not be fulfilled. It follows the third phase, the valley of disappointment. Stock prices are falling, reporting is ebbing, and few players remain in the market.
But now phase four follows: a growing understanding of the benefits, but also the limitations of the new technology. The expectations adapt to the reality. Now is a good time to invest as the prices of the remaining companies start to rise again. Finally, in the fifth and final phase, they reach a productivity plateau where they grow stably.
“In fact, a lot of cryptocurrency reminds me of this hype cycle,” says Frank Schwab, fintech entrepreneur and co-founder of the FinTech Forum. That ‘s what he saw Bitcoin as the first Internet currency in 2008, the light of day. Today there are more than 4,500 virtual processing units.

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