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Few wearing parts are capable of influencing the behavior and safety of the motorcycle like the tires, and it is not difficult to understand it when you reflect on the fact that a mass that easily reaches over 300 kg, which accelerates and brakes rapidly and subjected to not indifferent centrifugal forces totally entrusts its dynamics and stability to a contact area per tire not much larger than that of a credit card. In these conditions, the tires must ensure constant behavior over time, regular wear, “contact feeling“And, perhaps, last a long time.

I am critical components, often the result of incessant studies and experiments, whose evolution progresses hand in hand with that of the motorcycles on which they are installed and it is natural that we always orient ourselves, preferably, towards products that maximize the price / performance ratio (intended on a broad spectrum ).

The choice is huge: from the road to the track, passing through touring, off-road and the vast user base that is that of scooters and maxi scooters, numerous other players have entered the tire market until recently manned for a large part – at least for what concerns the most performing products – from five main manufacturers and when it comes to choosing what to mount on the rims of your bike doubts are not only on the price list, but on many other features: from the intended use, to the DOT, up to the identification of the most suitable rubber for your motorcycle, perhaps dated and with tire sizes that are no longer current and therefore not very widespread

The perfect “fitting”

To get a rather complete overview and to find the “perfect fitting” for your bike it is useful to contact the large eBay marketplace, where you can not only find your way around the many proposals but also buy those products such as inner tubes, valves, rims and repair kits: a truly impressive offer which – as an eBay tradition – is global and therefore potentially boundless.

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In the process of choice, first of all it is necessary to keep in mind that to avoid big problems with the highway code and with insurance in the event of an accident, but also not to have any unwelcome surprises regarding the dynamic behavior of the motorcycle, when replacing the tires you have to always refer to the measures and characteristics approved for our motorbike and clearly stated in the vehicle registration document. These data are indicated sidewall of the tire and represent the ratio between width and height of the sidewall (it is also called “aspect ratio“, To give an example: a 190/55 tire is 190 mm wide and the height of its shoulder is 55% of 190 mm) while among the other information that we can obtain from the writings on the shoulder of the tire we have the diameter expressed in inches, theload index which expresses how much weight the rubber can withstand andspeed index indicating the maximum achievable speed. The DOT, on the other hand, identifies the week and year of production but it is not a relevant characteristic if not to understand how “old” a tire is which, we remember, if stored properly it can safely be used even if it was produced several years before its first use.

Choose your tires on eBay

To start the search for the best tires for your motorcycle on eBay just go to page dedicated to cars and motorcycles, then scroll down and find the item “Shop by Category”And click on motorcycle tires: from there the breadth of choice becomes embarrassing … if you are fond of a particular manufacturer or are looking for a specific tire you can browse by brand through the top panel (here you can find the Pirelli, for instance, here Dunlop, but there are many other even lesser known producers that you can find by clicking on show all, where between the many parameters available for refine your search it is possible to select the speed code and the load code), while the search by width is very interesting which allows you to find opportunities – even at very advantageous prices – which are not always thought of in the first place; in fact by clicking on the search by width we can then refine search by brand and rim diameter, among other things, coming to the aid even in those situations where perhaps you are looking for a tire for one vintage bike or for a special whose diameter of the rims combined with a particular section of the tire is sometimes difficult to find through physical dealers.

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Obviously, as for all the other commodity categories present on eBay, on the left column you can select options such as the type of seller, the brand, the desired price range, the payment options, the delivery options and so on until you find not only the “perfect fitting” for your own bike but also a good deal, reminding you that the purchase of a used tire de must always be well thought out for all the risks that it could entail: sometimes by spending a little more it is possible to buy a brand new train and remove any doubts about the reliability of the one that is mounted on your rims. In any case, you can also take a look at the weeks online, where private individuals and dealers may offer just what you were looking for and, among other things, in many of these cases it is possible to take advantage of EBay Customer Guarantee of which we speak a few lines below.

Finding the right accessories

On eBay you can also find all those accessories that could solve some problems: go off-road and want to bring some air chamber spare or you need a fermacopertone? Just click on other tires and rims for motorcycles to find everything that orbits around the rims and tires and that could be of interest to you, such as spoke covers, tubeless tire repair kits, tire changers or valves if you are able to correctly replace the tires of your motorcycle yourself, in short, you risk to enter the marketplace “only” to buy tires and take home, just to give an example, even mousses for off-road motorcycles, tires for quads or find on eBay the resource to find used rims of a particular motorcycle that you are restoring or for one-off that has been under construction in your garage for a few months …

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Never as in the case of a component so related to the safety you need to be able to store utmost trust in the seller: in the case of eBay the tried and tested and reliable system of feedback makes it very difficult for a seller to want to jeopardize their reputation on the marketplace by trimming non-compliant tires to a customer, but anyway – and it’s an eBay plus that also makes a noticeable difference between eBay and many ad sites or the same sites of certain retailers – there is the parachute of the EBay Customer Guarantee: how does it work? Very simple: in case of goods that do not comply with what is described and ordered or in case of goods that have never arrived you can quickly get a refund if you have paid by credit card, debit card, PayPal, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Once you have identified the tire or tires suitable for size, characteristics and … price for your motorcycle, the purchase is very simple: a click on buy It Now or his Add to Cart and after a few days you will receive the goods at home, you just have to wait for delivery and be found with already disassembled rims


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