By the way, why is the Nintendo DS called Nintendo DS?

Did you know that there is a double meaning in the name of the Nintendo DS, this portable console with two screens?

Small in size, but large in number of units sold. Very large, even. All versions combined, the Nintendo DS was sold worldwide at more than 150 million copies, according to statistics communicated by Nintendo in March 2016 – but his commercial career continued beyond, to the point of wavering the throne until then occupied by the Game Boy and its 200 million units.

The Nintendo DS is today a console that is in its twilight: other machines have been launched since. First there were all derivative versions, then the era of the 3DS and its variants, notably the New 3DS, and finally, more recently, the Switch Lite, who is the 100% portable version of the Switch. But his long career and his great success deserve to come back for a moment.

Nintendo DS
The Nintendo DS console. // Source: Darren Abygail

A double meaning in the name of this two-screen console

Have you ever wondered what the console DS initials could be? Maybe you already knew that. It must be said that it is like the nose in the middle of the face: it can be seen immediately. In fact, it is the acronym for ” Dual Screen “In English, or quite simply” Double Screen “in French. This is exactly what the console is: a machine with a dual screen – what the logo illustrates.

But there is also another meaning to this DS. Nintendo spoke about it in its support pages a few years ago. DS can also be translated as “Developers’ System”. ” For our developers, this is the ‘Developers’ System’ because we believe it gives game makers new tools that will lead to more innovative games for gamers around the world. ».

What about 3DS? It’s simply a play on words between the three-dimensional display and the dual screen. Indeed, the particularity of the 3DS is to offer on one of the two screens an autostereoscopic 3D display, that is to say that it can give a feeling of depth and relief without having to wear glasses. specials (like those worn at the cinema).

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