Café Roosendaal is reprimanded for violating corona rules: ‘Very hefty punishment’

Many people who went hustling through the store: this is what it looked like on Wednesday evening in party café Bij Moeders, in the center of Roosendaal. The images appeared on Dumpert and social media and immediately unleashed a storm of criticism.


The municipality of Roosendaal has now decided to intervene. After the lockdown, the café is no longer allowed to open until 04:00, but until 02:00. The sentence lasts six months. Mothers received a warning twice earlier this year, says a spokesman for the municipality. In July, not all guests in the café adhered to the rule to stay seated, in October the café was still open after the mandatory closing time.

“At some point the warnings will stop and we will take action,” the spokesman said. “This is so disrespectful to anyone who suffers from corona. Moreover, it creates unequal competition because other cafes adhere to the measures.”

The owner of the café speaks of ‘a very heavy punishment’. “I was not in the shop when it happened. I was called up at 9.45 pm because it was too busy”, says Jean-Pierre Kolthoff of Bij Moeders. A kind of tsunami of people had come to the cafe. I went right there, turned on the lights and turned off the music. At 10 pm the place was empty. All in all, it took less than half an hour. “

Despite that, Kolthoff is not happy with what happened. “It cannot be justified. If there is anyone in the world who would like to reverse this, it is me.”

‘I am so ashamed’

Also in The Hague a café owner had to apologize this week. On the same Wednesday evening, there was an exuberant party on his terrace and counted down to the moment when the catering industry had to close. “I’m ashamed to death,” said the owner after images circulated on social media.

The municipality of The Hague has decided that the owner will be fined, the amount of which is not yet known. If the café owner violates the corona measures again, this can lead to penalties of 10,000 euros, with a maximum of 50,000 per violation. It can also be decided to temporarily close the café, says mayor Van Zanen. He called the situation in the Square ‘completely irresponsible’.

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