Cahors. The action of the Lions’Club for health students

From 9 a.m. on Saturday February 6 at the Labor Exchange room, Lions’Club volunteers were very active to boost their annual clothing and accessories purse. This year, the usual date in November had to be pushed back because of the second lockdown. “During the food distributions, it was found that a certain number of students in need did not show up, says Jean-Claude Valéry, secretary of the Lions. They do not dare or are ashamed. Our help will go through theirs. associative networks so as not to expose them. “

Sylvie Paguessoraye, past-president (previous president) warmly thanked the town hall of Cahors which is a partner always present in the actions of the Lions’Club: “The room is lent to us free of charge, we just pay for the fluids that we use, at the moment. heating. € 2 donated and € 2 left! Everything goes to students in health, those of the Nursing School and nursing assistants, older people who are in retraining and who have cash flow concerns… I am surprised to see all these people, we perceive an economic and financial reason. All the unsold goods of this day will go to the Secours Catholique. ” Christine Valéry, president of the club for Cahors, is both satisfied and worried about attendance from the opening of this stock exchange: “This health and economic crisis, we do not see an end date, we perceive such distress among some young people. We are surprised by the number both of young people in difficulty and of people coming to seek clothes and shoes at low prices out of necessity. But this corresponds to the increase that we can see currently in all charities . “

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The Lions is a service club, its members are committed to serving others and their adage is “You are nothing in life if you haven’t done something for someone.” The day raised € 574 to which an additional 50% donated by the international Lions’Club will be added.

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