California has banned the sale of new internal combustion cars from 2035

California is the first US state to ban the sale of new combustion cars from 2035. Gavin Newsom has already issued recommendations to regulators.

  • California wants to accelerate the fight against climate change in this way
  • The ban on the sale of new internal combustion cars will be a blow to the automotive industry
  • California is the largest car market among the US states

As reported Bloomberg, California governor’s decision is to accelerate the fight against climate change. It is the first state in the US to take such a step, but not the first region in the world – bans of this type are being considered or prepared in the UK, France and Canada.

As Governor Newsom explained, in California, transportation is responsible for more than 50 percent. greenhouse gas emissions, over 80 percent air pollution (smog) and 95 percent. diesel emissions.

As Newsom wrote on Twitter:

We need bold action. California rules out internal combustion engines. By 2035, every new car sold in California will be emission-free. Cars shouldn’t make our children asthma. They should not make fires worse. Melt glaciers. Or raise sea levels.

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California sets the tone. It will ban the sale of new internal combustion cars

For the fuel industry it can be a painful blow because according to the agency, California is responsible for 15 percent. gasoline sales in the United States. It is also a pressure on producers and sellers of new cars, who will be most affected by the ban – from 2035 they will have to offer only electric vehicles.

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Currently, only about 8 percent. New cars registered in California are electric vehicles, and still it is the second largest e-car market in the world, after China. At the same time the state is the largest auto market in the US.

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According to Bloomberg, the California movement “will set the tone for other states in the US.” In an interview with the agency, GasBuddy’s head of fuel analysis, Patrick DeHaan, said the governor’s decision was “a kiss of death for gasoline as California sets trends.”

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