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Call of Duty: Warzone – Dataminer find out how to open the Bunkers

Di Marco “Bounty” Di Prospero
May 3 2020

Shortly after the release of Warzone, battle royale free to play license plate Infinity Ward is Activision, many users have found secret bunkers scattered around the game map. As of today, the bunkers in question are closed but some clues suggest that we will soon be able to enter. In fact, with the latter patch entitled “Season 3: Reloaded“,”red access cards“Whose usefulness is currently unknown. Apparently it would be a first step to be able to open the bunkers in question, confirming the rumors that they wanted the inclusion of events at Fortnite in the battle royale. As further confirmation, some dataminers managed to enter the game files on PC, discovering an animation that allows the opening of the bunker doors, as you can see for yourself from the attached tweet. The discovery leaves room for few doubts, although it has not been specified what the steps to follow to unlock them will be. In addition to the animation, the dataminers have discovered that the bunkers will have three levels of security, each of which will be surmountable through a particular access card.

It is therefore likely that, in the coming weeks, Infinity Ward will continue to update Warzone, adding more and more useful elements to solve the mystery around the bunkers, although it is now quite obvious that it will be possible to open them. Before concluding, we remind you that on Uagna.it you will find all the information on Call of Duty: Warzone.

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