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Call to Kill All Muslims in Shah Rukh Khan State

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – India is now being stirred up with religious issues. Several Hindu religious leaders are alleged to have called for Muslim ‘genocide’ at a gathering, December 2021.

Petitions were even created to sue these figures. India’s Supreme Court has also issued a notice to the northern Himalayan state to investigate the matter.

quote AlJazeera, Friday (14/1/2021), the story began with a report to the police in Uttarakhand. Contains religious leaders who ask citizens to arm themselves to kill Muslims.

In one clip that went viral, a speaker at the gathering said there was no need to worry about going to jail for killing Muslims. “Even if only a hundred of us become soldiers and kill two million of them, we will win,” said a woman in a speech.

Videos from the event have sparked outrage, prompting demands for action. A retired judge named Arjana Prakash assessed that the speech could pose a major threat not only to the unity and integrity of the country but also endanger the safety of Muslims.

The police themselves said they had questioned the suspect for the hate speech. But no arrests were made.

This is not the first time that religious furor has occurred in India. Since the Bharatiya Janata Nationalist Party (BJP) led by incumbent Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power, religious discrimination and persecution have been reported frequently.

December 2021, Indian police arrested a Hindu religious leader, Kalicharan Maharaj. He allegedly made speeches insulting Indian independence leader Mohandas Gandhi and praising his assassins.

Gandhi was shot dead by a Hindu extremist during a prayer meeting in the Indian capital in 1948. Earlier, he called for Hindu-Muslim unity.

In Haryana state, which is also controlled by the BJP, Hindus reportedly stopped Muslims from praying Friday. They shouted religious slogans.

In November, Hindu hardliners set fire to the home of the former Muslim foreign minister, Salman Khurshid. The reason, he compared the type of Hindu nationalism that developed under Modi with “extremist groups” such as ISIL (ISIS).

Anti-conversion laws have also been enacted in states such as Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh. The law is a response to conspiracy theories that accuse Muslim men of luring Hindu women into marriage with the aim of forcing them to convert to Islam.

In India, Muslims are only 14% of the 1.4 billion population of Bollywood. Hinduism dominates up to 80%.

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