Call to students Delft because of corona: it is 5 to 12

The initiative lies with the students, the letter states. ‘Besides the fact that we are not waiting for this ourselves, it is a good time to show that we as students can also assume a responsible role in our society.’ The associations warn: “It’s 5 to 12. It’s not too late yet, but time is running out.”

The number of infections doubles every seven days, the call says. ‘If we do nothing, there is a good chance that we will end up in a local lockdown in Delft and will again have to stay at home for weeks.’ The student associations work closely with TU Delft, the GGD and the municipality. It is examined which steps must be taken to prevent a lockdown.


A spokeswoman for the municipality nuances that last view. ‘There is absolutely no question of a lockdown. It’s just a possible dot on the horizon. It is mainly about the message: stick to the measures. ‘ Mayor Marja van Bijsterveldt has co-signed the letter, as have directors of TU Delft and the GGD.

Specifically, the student associations are calling on students to have themselves tested quickly in case of mild complaints, to stay at home in the meantime and not to get together with too many people without keeping their distance from each other.

‘Very nice first step’

Rick van den Brink of STIP, a student party in the Delft city council, calls the letter from the Delft student associations ‘a very nice first step’. ‘I am happy that the student community is acting together,’ he says. “I hope this letter creates clarity, so that people will pay more attention to this.” In addition, Van den Brink thinks it is important that there is a test location in Delft. ‘So that testing becomes even more accessible and can also be done faster.’

He is not surprised that many infections take place in a domestic atmosphere. ‘In student houses, where many young people live together, things go fast if someone has the corona virus there.’ He therefore insists on properly enforcing the RIVM regulations.

Hospitality evenings do not have to be prohibited by him, but he does advise taking measures. ‘Don’t invite twenty people on such an evening, but make a pre-selection,’ he suggests. “And don’t make sure you’re all inside.”

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