Called the Cause of the Incident at the F1 Tuscan GP 2020, Bottas: It’s not my fault! : Okezone Sports

MONZA – Team Racer Mercedes AMG Petronas, Valtteri Bottas, gave a reaction to the incident when restarting the race in the 2020 Formula One (F1) Tuscan Grand Prix (GP) season. Bottas is considered to be the main cause behind the incident.

As is known, the 2020 Tuscan GP F1 race was marked by several incidents. One of them is the successive collisions experienced by several drivers when restarting the race which took place at the Mugello Circuit.

In the incident, many observers blamed Bottas for being the culprit. Because Bottas was seen lowering the speed of his car, and took a square to restart the Safety Car on the seventh lap.

Seeing these signs, the racers who also had time to judge that Bottas would start racing again. But instead of stepping on the gas, Bottas just lowered the speed of his car which eventually resulted in a series of collisions.

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Fortunately, the four drivers did not have fatal injuries due to the successive collision incidents. However, the four drivers could not continue the race at the 2020 Tuscan F1 GP.

Bottas then gave a view of the consecutive crash incidents that occurred at the 2020 Tuscan GP F1. The Finnish racer firmly refused to be blamed for the incident.

“I’m not at all to blame for that. Everyone may have whatever views they want but I did a consistent pace before going on, “Bottas explained, as reported by Motorsport, Tuesday (15/9/2020).

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“Yes, I went late but we started racing from the control line, not before that. So those (other riders) who are behind the accident because of that, they can look in their rearview mirror, “he continued.

“The difference this year is the Safety Car, they turned off the lights quite late, so you guys can build the gap quite slowly. So of course, when you lead you you maximize the opportunity, ”the 31-year-old racer finished.

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