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Camilla serves bangers and mashed potatoes and befriends a "serious reindeer"

The Duchess of Cornwall served bangers and mashed potatoes while offering sick children a surprise encounter with Santa's reindeer at a magical Christmas lunch.

Enthusiastic youth, supported by two of Camilla's charities, Helen and Douglas House Children's Hospice and by Marvelous Children's Charity of Roald Dahl, took turns feeding nooks of "Dancers and Blitzen" In the garden after a festive meal. room inside.

A little girl, Lara, held the Duchess's hand and looked at the marveling animals.

"A reindeer, a serious reindeer!" S & # 39; she exclaimed.

Camilla makes new friends

"Yes, a serious reindeer," Camilla chuckled, encouraging the boy to stroke him.

"He tickles!" Shouted the little girl.

"Yes, I would like to feed him too," said the royal, holding out her hand.

Camilla told them that the annual event always reported "the beginning of Christmas".

The Duchess said: "I had not thought about it before today, but I come in and see the tree and the kids and all, and it just puts me in the # Christmas atmosphere. "

One of the children invited, Jasper Grannum, of Chalfont St Giles, was delighted when Camilla offered her a second serving of her favorite sausage and mashed potatoes.

The 12-year-old Chelsea FC fan of Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a progressive muscle wasting syndrome, said: She is a beautiful woman. "

When asked if she was his new best friend, he added, "Probably."

Nicola, his proud mother, said: "He was diagnosed at the age of two and lost the ability to walk at the age of 11. He loves sports and plays football, but he is now playing wheelchair football. "

Jasper visits the Helen and Douglas House Palliative Care Center to provide respite care for her family, including a nine-year-old sister, for a 24-hour care break.

Nicola said, "He's been here for two or three years and he loves it. The nurses are incredible.

"The Duchess has been so charming that she is a very warm person. Jasper was looking forward to coming and it was wonderful. "

Camilla, who is the godmother of both charities, invited the children and their families to her home in London to help her celebrate this "wonderful event".

The king enjoyed playing with children and helping them decorate a Christmas tree with brightly colored ornaments.

After lunch, the Duchess distributed bags of gifts and told the children and their parents: "I hope you all enjoyed your lunch today.

"I have a surprise for all of you outside, but before going out, I would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas.

"The tree that decorates is for me the beginning of Christmas."

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