CAN 2019: the dream continues for Madagascar


After the elimination of Morocco against Benin, after the elimination of the champions of Cameroon, after the elimination of Egypt at home, it is the turn of the DR Congo Florent Ibenge to be out by a team from Madagascar so far. For their first participation in the competition, the Barea managed the feat of finishing first in group B with 7 points in front of Nigeria they beat (2-0), achieving a draw against Senegal (2-2) and beating Burundi (1-0). The men of Nicolas Dupuis have already largely succeeded their CAN. Back on the meeting and goals.

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THE SUMMARY. Madagascar, the surprise of this CAN 2019 in Egypt!

In this highly anticipated match, especially for Florent Ibenge's Leopards, which took place at the Alexandria stadium, the Barea immediately showed their thirst for success with, in the ninth minute, a goal ofIbrahim Amada, who opens the scoring for his team by taking the ball and performing a powerful shot from outside the surface, which ends in the nets. The Malagasy exult and their president Andry Rajoelina also in the stands!

The meeting started on the hats with ambitious Malagasy and attack. And the Leopards, who do nothave won only one of their three pool matches, must very quickly run after the score! The Congolese must absolutely remember thatis the fifth time the two teams meet. And so far, the Leopards have won three against the Barea, against a victory only for the Malagasy.

It may be remembering who motivated Ngonda who quickly projects forward and sends an excellent center in the area, Cédric Bakambu cuts perfectly the trajectory and sends the ball in the nets of Melvin Adrien (20 ') ! And that's equalization for DR Congo!

This is indeed the third goal in four games of Bakambu in this CAN 2019! Barely time to rejoice that the Malagasy are already reviving. The Barea have 58% of possession. Corner for the DRC, but it is poorly shot and recovered by the Barea (36 '). Even if the Congolese manage to eliminate the technical waste, it is not enough, and the captain, Youssouf Mulumbu is penalized with a yellow for a foul in the midfield on Amada. And it's half time in Alexandria. Both teams go to the locker room on the score of 1-1!

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After the break, Florent Ibenge made his first change and Meschak Elia to replace Wilfried Moke (45 '). The Malagasy are still motivated! The DR Congo does not intend to let itself be led and takes its premier corner of the second period. Elia hits him out. At the penalty spot, Mbemba rises higher than everyone else, but it does not work. His whim is not framed. The guardian of the Barea, Melvin Adrien fends a dangerous center of Bakambu (51 '). There is no photo, lDR Congo is better off in this second period.

(54 ') It's going very fast, the Malagasy are trying to infiltrate closer to the cages of Mulumbu. Jerome Mombris infiltrates into the penalty area and hits. Phew! Ley Matampi pushes back into Andrea's feet, putting the ball aside. It was hot for the Congolese. On the Web, Congolese fans no longer hold. It's a clue, except that the Leopards are still on the offensive when Bakambu managed to deceive Melvin Adrien for a moment for a direct hit, but not enough support, a Malagasy defender intervened at the last moment.

With a replacement Malagasy side with Dax (58 ') and three changes for the DRC (55'), (67 ') and (69'),the two teams are fighting on all the balloons, but the problem remains the last gesture near the surface. Bope and Bolasie, two logical choices made by Ibenge, according to Congolese netizens, at the end of the match.

Exactly, here is a good center of Bolasie, but it is repulsed by the Barea (71 '). The DRC is putting pressure on the Malagasy defense and Bakambu claims a penalty, saying he was pushed very hard in the back.

Too late, the Malagasy come back into the game thanks to Metanire who leads a counter-attack and center for Andriatsima who tear to take the ball with a diving header (76 ') Matampi, the Congolese goalkeeper can not repel the ball. This is Andriatsima's first goal in this CAN. And what a goal!

The DRC is putting pressure on the Malagasy defense, but the Barea are well grouped and clear all the balloons lying around. But at (89 '), it's a cadorn for the DRC, which destroyed the Malagasy dreams. Chancell Mbemba's goal in turn! The Leopards come back in the game and level to 2-2!

And it is the end of the regulation time whistled by Moroccan referee Nourredine El Jaafari. This eighth final will be played in overtime! After 30 minutes of missed opportunities for each side. Melvin Adrien, the Malagasy goalkeeper, made an exceptional save to prevent the goal of 3-2 for the DRC (108 '). After a minute of additional time, pat the penalty shootout! And it is the Malagasy who shoot first, Ibrahim Amada, author of the first goal, advances and strikes with the left foot for a saving goal 1-0 for Madagascar. Bakambu revives the DRC with a clear cross shot! And restart the counter 2-1 after the missed shot of Tisserand. Bolasie fails to reach the goal. This is the end for DR Congo, eliminated from the eighth finals.

TO BE CONTINUED. Make quarters!

With this new victory (2-2, 4-2 t.a.b.), the Barea will face Algeria winner (3-0) of Guinea, July 11 at 9 pm, in the quarterfinals of the competition. A meeting to follow live on the site of Point !

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