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Can a Disney Plus account be used to sign up for Star Plus? – Connoisseurs.com

This August 31, Disney launches its new streaming platform that complements Disney Plus. Star Plus comes with a wide catalog of series and movies, in addition to all ESPN sports and live games from the main leagues. Can I use a Disney Plus account to sign up for Star Plus?

The answer is yes. One can use their Disney Plus username and password to subscribe to Star Plus and thus access the Combo Plus combo offer.

The prices of Star Plus like the Combo Plus, they vary from country to country.

Argentina: 995 Argentine pesos
Mexico: 249 Mexican pesos
Brazil: 45.90 reais
Chile: 10,500 Chilean pesos
Colombia: 38,900 Colombian pesos
Costa Rica: $ 13.99
Ecuador: $ 13.99
Bolivia: $ 13.49
El Salvador: $ 13.49
Nicaragua: $ 13.49
Panama: $ 13.49
Dominican Republic: $ 13.49
Venezuela: $ 13.40
Paraguay: $ 15.99
Peru: 44.90 soles
Uruguay: $ 17.99

Whoever already has a Disney Plus account can use their username and password and access the promotion to have the Combo Plus, with the prices indicated according to each country.

When Disney acquired Fox, it obtained multiple intellectual properties and franchises that would eventually make its way onto its streaming platform. Its exclusive brands will be Disney Television Studios (20th Television and ABC Signature), FX Productions and 20th Century Studios or Searchlight Pictures.

Some of those franchises are “Alien”, “Predator”, “Deadpool” and, of course, the “X-Men”. Disney’s idea is to include these and other sagas in the new platform apart from Disney Plus, since it has content suitable for the whole family and not for adults.

Recent feature films list includes Oscar winner “Nomandland,” “Ford vs Ferrari,” “Books of blood,” “Bloody wedding,” “My friend Enzo,” “X-Men: Dark Phoenix,” “Tolkien.” “An Unbreakable Love”, “Glass”, “Glass Houses”, “Jojo Rabbit”, “Menace in the Deep” and “The Wild Call”.

Also classic titles such as “Titanic”, the two parts of “Deadpool”, “Braveheart”, “Crusade”, “Hitman: Agent 47”, “Independence Day”, “Kingsman”, “The devil dresses to the fashion ”and“ The Fantastic Four ”. While Star Plus will also feature the complete sagas of “Hard to kill”, “X-Men”, “Terminator”, “Maze Runner” and “Planet of the Apes”.

The complete list of titles and sports country by country can be found at SHOWLAND.tv®, the portal for series and movies for all of Latin America.


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