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How many times do we say that of da does not give me life ’, with that feeling that we have hours to do everything we would like? Go more to the gym, spend more time with our partner or with friends, take an afternoon off the agenda to see exhibitions or simply put your backpack on your back and spend a day in the mountains, far, far away, where not There is coverage.

The man of 2020 no longer goes as seductive ‘macho’ as before. The new masculinity has new horizons: dare to the unknown, break the routine and find yourself. Without posture Feel the vertigo of fear, adrenaline before the unpredictable and the magnitude of nature. A concept that Giorgio Armani Summarizes in one sentence: “Simplicity is the safest way to achieve a high degree of sophistication.”

The first step to To simplify is to disconnect. Statistics reveal that Spaniards spend four hours a day stuck on their cell phones and that 40% are unable to disconnect from work during their free time. The next is lose the fear of leaving without luggage to return to nature as a source of inspiration. A nature that Giorgio Armani conceives as serene and that is reflected in navy blue A calm sea. Disconnection, which is basically a liberation to reunite with oneself, only requires taking the risk, jumping and diving into those crystalline waters.

Can a perfume lead us to disconnection? According to Giorgio Armani, yes

That is the concept of Acqua di Giò Profondo. The latest addition to the Acqua di Giò family, launched in 1996, invites the man to reconnect his masculinity with a dark blue ocean embodied in a bottle of that same color. Nothing is casual. “Love The depth of the blue. It has everything elegant about black, but it is less serious. I always use it in my collections. I admire its infinite nuances: it is a versatile, timeless, introspective color. It gives me serenity, ”says Armani himself.

As if that were not enough, the Classic Blue tone the most elegant and timeless version of that navy blue or navy blue, is the color chosen by Pantone for this 2020. The circle closes: Acqua di Giò Profondo (available here) born as a timeless classic and of maximum contemporary.

A ‘fougère’ to reconnect

In fragrances there are fashions that come and go, but say fougère It is still synonymous with perfect masculine. Acqua di Giò Profondo represents a man freed from conventions that dives free in the depths of the ocean. A moment of refreshing freshness, expressed with citrus notes of green tangerine and bergamot, to which two other molecules with overseas refreshing chords are added: calone and aquozone.

The Aleksandar Rusic model is the protagonist of this refreshing campaign.

The Aleksandar Rusic model is the protagonist of this refreshing campaign.

As you enter the water, notice how the oxygen bubbles rise. They are the spicy aromatic notes of the essences: Lavender, cypress, rosemary and lentisk. Time stops in a few seconds of weightlessness. Arise then the patchouli and musk, with its saline touches and an amberated chord. In that immense underwater tranquility, without more stimuli than an organic nature, the man of 2020 disconnects from the routine and stress to reconnect with himself.

The model Aleksandar Rusic which embodies the values ​​of the new masculinity stars in the campaign of this fragrance. In addition, the subject Way Down We Go Icelandic Kaleo puts a soundtrack to the spot.

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