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Can Be Inspiration, These Are The Types And Models Of Garage Doors In Modern Homes

Suara.com – The garage door is part of the facade of the house that can affect the aesthetics of the house itself. Therefore, the appearance of the garage door needs to be considered carefully so as not to interfere with the aesthetics of your dream home.

Apart from aesthetics, another consideration in choosing a garage door model is its function. Don’t let it just be pleasing to the eye, making getting in and out of the vehicle even more difficult. Therefore, this article quoted from Rumah.com will discuss more fully about the types and models of garage doors.

Most Commonly Used Garage Door Type
In practice, there are 4 most commonly used types of garage doors, each with different characteristics. Check out the following explanation.

1. Rolling Up Garage Door
This rolling up door design is the most widely used design. As the name implies, this garage door rolls up. This type of door is also one of the heavy duty doors that is resistant to use for a long time and is resistant to various forms of problems such as termites to rust.

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2. Pull-out Panel Garage Door
Just like rolling up, this pull-out panel garage door also opens up. The difference is, this garage door consists of several panels that are connected by hinges and wheels. When opened, it will be pulled up and then back, parallel to the roof.

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3. Sliding Panel Garage Door
This sliding model or sliding to the side is almost the same as a pull-out panel garage door. The difference is, if the pull-out panel garage door is pulled up, the sliding model is pulled to the side, parallel to the left or right wall.

4. Garage Door Over Canopy
This over canopy garage door is made in one piece and will open upwards like a canopy. Despite the slight movement mechanism, this type of door requires a little space to open easily. If at the front of the door there is a vehicle that is too tight, the door will not be able to be opened.

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5 Cool Garage Door Models for Modern Homes
If you already have a house but are still confused about what garage door model suits the house, then below are some cool garage door models for your modern home.

Luxury Solid Wood Garage Door

Wooden Garage Doors (Photo: Houzz)

Doors made of solid wood are often used for the exterior of the house because it has good resistance compared to ordinary wood. Garage doors made of solid wood will not easily rot and damage because of their resistance to high humidity.

Minimalist Garage Door from PVC

PVC Garage Door (Photo: Overhead Door)
PVC Garage Door (Photo: Overhead Door)

One of the advantages of PVC is its light weight so that it can be easily installed and will not be too burdensome for the work of the door hinge. Not only that, this door is also able to withstand high humidity and will not rot like a door made of wood.

Steel Garage Door for Industrial Model House

Steel Garage Doors (Pinterest)
Steel Garage Doors (Pinterest)

Its attractive appearance makes a steel garage door can provide a thick industrial atmosphere for your home. Behind its attractive appearance, this door has a heavy weight so you have to be more selective in choosing hinges so that the door mechanism is not damaged due to holding heavy weight.

Minimalist Glass Panel Garage Door

Glass Garage Door.  (Photo: Houz)
Glass Garage Door. (Photo: Houz)

One of the advantages of glass doors is that your home can look more attractive than before. Not only that, glass doors can provide an attractive aesthetic so that a modern home will look luxurious. It should be noted that the glass door must be cleaned properly so that it still looks attractive and does not look dull.

Durable Fiberglass Garage Door

Fiberglass Garage Door.  (Garage Living)
Fiberglass Garage Door. (Garage Living)

Fiberglass garage doors are one type of door that is lightweight and can be used easily. As a result, it will not overload the hinges of the door. In addition, there are also many types of fiberglass door models that you can choose according to your wishes.


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