Can I get a ticket if I do not change the wheel of the car?


Whenever we drive, we are exposed to suffer some type of incident despite doing so with maximum safety and caution. One of the most common setbacks are the punctures in the wheels, even when we have made sure that the tires are in perfect condition.

As for any other mechanical task, to change a flat tire there are more experienced drivers than others. Thus, as indicated by Mapfre, it is not feasible for us to be fined for not knowing how to do it or for not being experts in other mechanical aspects. Although to obtain the driving license it is necessary to study some basic points about the operation of the car engine, in practice it is not obligatory to know the problems that our vehicle presents, as well as the repair solutions.

According to the Traffic and Road Safety Law, all touring cars must carry a complete spare wheel or a temporary use wheel, with the necessary tools to make the change, or an alternative system that offers sufficient guarantees so that the vehicle can be moved. In addition to this, it is also necessary to know some basic considerations to change a flat tire:

-If we realize that one of the wheels has suffered a blowout, we must stop the car as soon as possible, as to continue circulating in these circumstances is a serious danger.

-Whenever the conditions of the road and traffic permit, we must stop the vehicle as far as possible from the road. In this way, in the event that the punctured wheel is on the circulation side, we will avoid the risk of causing an accident.

-If there is not enough space to change the wheel with maximum safety, it is preferable to call the insurance company to send a professional in charge of travel assistance.

-Before getting out of the car, it is mandatory to wear the reflective vest, even when it is daytime and visibility conditions are high.

-The triangles should be placed 50 meters from the car, one in front and one behind if the road is two-way or just one behind if it is a highway. Check that they are perfectly placed, not twisted or put in any way.

-It is advisable to turn on the emergency lights so that other drivers can see us more easily.

Although as we have seen we can not be fined for not knowing how to change a punctured wheel, it never hurts to know other types of actions that can be sanctioned. For example, for skidding the wheels when starting the car, the fine is 100 euros, and for circulating with the tires in poor condition, 200 euros. .


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