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Can I go ashore at Easter? Are prisoners going to be released? What if I get fired illegally? 25 answers about what changes again – Observed …

In what cases can ACT act?
Whenever there is an illegal dismissal, which does not comply with the rules contained in the Labor Code, in that part where it establishes the general grounds of illegality of dismissal. Examples? If you were fired without having preceded the respective procedure (notice).

But what happens to my salary until this is resolved?
After your employer is notified by ACT and until everything is settled – even if the situation passes through the court – your employment contract remains in force, it retains all your rights (as well as the employer), including the right to remuneration and discounts for Social Security.

I am a health professional with a green receipt. Can you fire me now?
No. Whatever the type of contract, they cannot fire you. As long as the state of emergency lasts, no contract with a healthcare professional can be terminated – the same for service contracts. Fixed-term contracts that will expire during the state of emergency must be extended until the end of this period. There are, however, exceptional situations in which contracts may cease if the reasons are substantiated and authorized by the governing body.

What if I want to say goodbye?
You can’t either. Even if the initiative comes from the worker himself, the employment contract cannot end during the period. Except, there it is, exceptional situations based on and authorized by the governing body.

I work for the State, can I be diverted from my duties?
Yes, the new decree provides for that to happen. Those who work in the Central Administration may have to go to work for the local administration and, if they give consent, they may be displaced to work in private institutions of social solidarity or other institutions, from the private or social sector, to support the most vulnerable populations, the elderly , people with disabilities, children and young people at risk, in residential structures, home or street support.

My mother was infected with Covid-19, but she has already been discharged from the hospital. I have no chance of taking care of her and the home where she was previously, had a massive contagion and ended up closing. What will happen to you?
Everything is still open, but the situation of homes is a concern of the Government and, therefore, measures are planned to prevent the abandonment of the elderly at this time. For now, with this decree, it is known that vacancies in these institutions will be managed by the Social Security Institute, following the indications of the DGS. The reception of people who have been discharged from hospital – whether from Covid-19 or any other illness – and people who have other needs must be privileged.

Thus, in this case, the Social Security Institute will look for a place for these people in social homes, but it can also request private homes to accommodate them or even hotels or inns. This last hypothesis was left open from the moment when the authorities can define that a person fulfills the mandatory confinement not only at home and in the hospital, but also “elsewhere”.

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