Can you get the corona virus from a mosquito bite?

It gets warmer, the windows are open and then we have to wait for the first mosquito injections. In this corona time, the question arises: can we catch the corona virus from a mosquito prick? Sander Koenraadt, insect virus expert at Wageningen University provides an answer.

“No, that is very unlikely,” he says to Omroep Gelderland. “No research has been done yet, but based on what we do know about the virus and how it spreads, it is very unlikely. It is really just not possible. “

Coronavirus is hardly in blood

The virus spreads through small droplets when coughing and sneezing and is hardly present in the blood that the mosquitoes absorb, Koenraadt says.

“And even if the mosquito were to absorb a little bit of blood that might contain the coronavirus, it is a continuous pathway for the virus in the stomach of the mosquito. That’s because the virus cannot multiply in an insect. ”

There are other viruses that can be transmitted by mosquitoes. “It is a completely different group of viruses.” Koenraadt mentions the Zika virus as an example. So a mosquito can be annoying, but we need not fear that it will spread the coronavirus, the expert said.

Listen to the conversation with Sander Koenraadt.

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