Can you tell from your cat’s meow what he means?

Before the app understands your cat’s sound, you must first record its specific meow sounds. You indicate whether he was hungry or angry at that time, so that the app can recognize this itself at later times.

13 emotions

That does Meowtalk using artificial intelligence. The app can translate the meowing into 13 different phrases, including “I am angry” and “feed me.”

But can you assume that you can actually see inside your cat’s head this way? Cat behavior expert Liesbeth Puts is skeptical. “As a human being, we can’t do much with just a meow sound. You can’t tell what he means from that”, she tells EditieNL.

Body language

“The only way you can tell what the cat wants is by body language. That tells you what he means. For example, by the position of the whiskers and ears, and the way he approaches you.”

“Cats have many different meows”, says Liesbeth. “People think they can tell what the animal means from that, but at such a moment they just see what he wants from his body. For example, because he looks at the door at the moment of meowing. They don’t hear the way he meows. that he wants to go outside. “

Cat body language lesson

When he puts his tail up: he wants to greet you. When he walks up to you: he wants to contact you. If he flattens his ears: he’s scared.

When a cat is scared, it often walks along the wall or along an object, says Liesbeth. “Then he wants some kind of protection. A cat that feels safe will walk the shortest route, right across the room.”

That cats meow at us is because we taught them to. “We talk to the cat. He knows he gets attention when he meows at us. That’s why he does. Cats don’t naturally meow at people.”

Close your eyes

There is a way in which a human can communicate to his cat. “By closing your eyes very slowly you show that you have no bad intentions. They do the same to other cats that way. The cat can then relax. That’s actually the only way we can communicate to them.”

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