Cancellation: BFV cancels all indoor championships this winter

It really does not come as a surprise and the football fans had to expect it, now it is a sad certainty: The Bavarian Football Association (BFV) will not play any official Bavarian championships in the 2020/21 indoor season. The association’s board of directors has now unanimously passed a corresponding resolution. Neither for men and women, nor for juniors. The association game committee, the association youth committee and the association women and girls committee had previously come to the result in their meetings that all official tournaments at the district, district and association level should be dispensed with.
“It would be the wrong signal at this time to organize major events – and one of those is our nationwide tournament series – in closed rooms. To advise the clubs during the open-air season not to stay in the dressing room and hold meetings on the pitch, but then On the other hand, organizing large indoor events with up to twelve teams and spectators, that just doesn’t fit together at the moment. In addition, the necessary hygiene concept required by the state with ventilation times every 120 minutes with the already tight schedules only It would be very difficult to implement. We also took the idea of ​​solidarity into account in our decisions. There are numerous other sports that have the already tight indoor times more necessary to get the game going than we footballers, who after all are largely regulated outdoors can play “, explains Josef Janker, association game leader and chairman of the BFV indoor soccer commission.

“The Bavarian Indoor Championships are one of the big highlights every year – for players, but also for the audience. From a financial point of view, it makes little sense for the host clubs if – in addition to the other requirements – only 100 or a maximum of 200, depending on the characteristics of the hall Spectators are allowed to be admitted. And we would have to forcibly send people back home at the hall ticket offices as soon as capacity is reached. So with a heavy heart we decided not to play Bavarian indoor championships this year. It wasn’t easy for us, but health all is currently first “, explains Sandra Hofmann, chairwoman of the association’s committee for women and girls.

Futsal league operation as an alternative

“If you don’t want to do without football in the hall, we recommend the futsal league operation. With only two teams, one game and fewer spectators than at the major championships, the hygiene concept for indoor events can also be implemented very well here. And the halls are only occupied by the hour instead of whole days, from which other indoor sports benefit “, adds Florian Weißmann, youth leader of the association. In addition, all clubs still have the option of organizing private indoor tournaments independently, provided that the state hygiene regulations are to be harmonized with the respective locations.

The BFV has drawn up its own sample hygiene concept for indoor games for its clubs, which is available under is available for download.

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