Cancer patients are without their medicine

Oncology patients do not receive the corresponding medical treatment.

Matamoros, Tam.

Patients ISSSTE oncologists are not receiving medical treatment and medications, denounced José Naif Hamscho Ibarra, Secretary of Social Security and Welfare of Section 30 of the SNTE in Tamaulipas.

He stressed that this situation is due to the fact that the regional hospital in Monterrey that controls these patients, was converted to Hospital Covid, leaving aside the rest of the patient.

“This hospital clinic where patients are sent regularly patients Of oncology, it is regularly the regional one in Monterrey, and now it became a Covid Hospital, so we have the entire pandemic without receiving a patient in Monterrey, ”he said.

He added that practically “they have to follow the medicines” and therefore many of them are losing the treatment since they cannot acquire it externally.

“They are losing it, they are not applying it, some can buy it, right now we are struggling a lot with that issue,” he said.

He stated that at the moment it is the main problem facing the beneficiary community of this medical institution, hoping that this situation that affects a certain population will soon be resolved.

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