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Cande Tinelli, on the scandal of the suitcase: “There are still many days of confinement, here we can see the thread to all”

Cande Tinelli it has been in Esquel complying with the mandatory quarantine since March 19. The young woman is accompanied by her family: Marcelo Tinelli, Guillermina Valdes and little Lorenzo Tinelli. She also spends days of isolation with her boyfriend, Federico Giuliani, Belgrano de Paraná player.

The driver of Showmatch she had to make an order to Buenos Aires because in Esquel she couldn’t find the medication she needs to take to follow a treatment, like her daughter. That is why he hired an air taxi to have his order approached and received by the landlord. “I did not move in the 25 days that I am here”, he explained in dialogue with Luis Novaresio in Network.

After the controversy surrounding this issue, Lelé made a post on Instagram to refer to the topic: “I’m just going to say this: I don’t have to talk about my privacy, or explain to anyone. So don’t expect me to get mad and jump because I’m calm. ”

“There are still many days to go until ‘confinement.’ Here we can see the thread. It is logical, suddenly we find ourselves, and we collapse. I just want to send them a lot of love, to put it into practice, the world is wanting to say something to us, ”explained the young singer.

“Let’s learn from this. Let’s take advantage to heal, not to continue doing the same as always. Stop thinking about what they will say, stop worrying so much about what the other says and does. There are people dying, a lot. Let’s reflect ”, he finished on the social network.

In this way, Cande did not go into details like the creator of LaFlia did in the radio interview with Novaresio in which he clarified that he should have done all this move, because he searched for it three times in Esquel and did not get it. “It is normal. I have it and I cannot get the medication here. And Cande continues a health treatment that he has had for years. It is something private”, Indian.

“It is a transfer of medicine to an authorized city. I can show the papers of the air taxi company that contains ‘transfer of medicines for passengers in the city of Esquel’. Nothing more, ”Tinelli continued, adding that he has his communicator card that would allow him to request permission to return to the Federal Capital and continue with his work duties from home.

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