Candidates take advantage of the golden minute to ask citizens for a vote


After a debate that lasted for just over two hours, the candidates have had the popular "golden minute" in which they have taken the opportunity to request the vote:

-A bet on the rural world, entrepreneurs and SMEs have been the main commitments of the golden minute of the popular Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, who has offered "an innovative, moderate, solvent and common sense government that defends the interests of Castilla y Leon in Madrid and in Europe »through a team with« experience », which, he said,« is a guarantee against radicalism, inexperience and bad management »

-The socialist Luis Tudanca has insisted, on the other hand, that "now" be transferred to Castilla y León electoral victory in general elections of their formation. "We will not disappoint you," he said, while at the same time committing himself to be an "honest, hardworking president, one more …" to guarantee equal opportunities and public health and education "better" if the 26 May the Castilian and Leon "come back to the polls like 15 days ago."

-From Podemos, the candidate for the Presidency of the Board, Pablo Fernández, has invited "not forgetting" who "has codnenado to Castilla y León to inequality, depopulation and precariousness", in relation to the current popular government, that has also blamed the wage gap, the deterioration of public services or the "plundering" of the boxes. Thus, he has urged to change "depopulation by repopulation" and "precariousness for stability" and has indicated that his training is the "only guarantee of true change" for not having "debts" with banks, multinationals or entrepreneurs.

– "They have gone, right? How not to vote them ?. Every four years we appear with the bag of sweets, of a future of peace, happiness and prosperity, "the candidate of Cs, Francisco Igea, has ironized, noting that this depends on the" effort "of the students, the businessmen, the workers of the field and of officials "who know that more and more political affinity weighs more than merit" and therefore asked for the vote for a "real change", that is not "red for blue".


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