Cannes, day 1 – Release


On the live Cannes

Cannes, day 1

Libé Cannes.

The launch of the 72nd Cannes Film Festival took place last night. On the occasion of the first day of the event, here is the menu of our Cannes special edition of the day:

Maintenance. President of the jury of the 72nd edition of the Festival, Mexican filmmaker Alejandro González Iñárritu defends cinema in cinemas and exhibits the instinctive and unprejudiced way in which he intends to watch films. (Photo Cyril Zannettacci, VU for Liberation)

The criticism of The Dead Do not Die. End of the world. Jim Jarmusch signs a fun zombie fable, which is bursting with references and stars.

The portrait. Jean Dujardin. At the approach of fifty, the Oscar-winning actor spreads his full thickness in Quentin Dupieux's "Le Suede", which opens the Directors' Fortnight. A role of weight for this family man tidy of the cigarette and the seduction.

Interview. A seasoned programmer from the Pompidou Center to numerous festivals, the Italian Paolo Moretti is the new General Delegate of the Directors' Fortnight. He intends to perpetuate the original spirit of this very clear section, created just fifty years ago.

And also. The film lesson of actress Amira Casar; a CheckNews on the parity of the selection and a chronicle on the "Lifting" of this new edition.

The projections expected today. litigante Franco Lolli (Critics' Week); Thees Miserables Ladj Ly (official selection); Thee Suede Quentin Dupieux (Directors' Fortnight); Bull Annie Silverstein (Un Certain regard); The Miracle of Saint-Inconnu Alaa Edine Aljem (Critics' Week).

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