Cannes Film Festival: Alain Delon and the new Hollywood censors


We only lend to the stars. Alain Delon is one of them, and for more than fifty years, his lightning visits to the Cannes Film Festival have often created controversy. Never rewarded on the Croisette, he certainly deserves, at 83, this award of honor already awarded in 2011 to his friend Jean-Paul Belmondo. The actor has not only friends in the profession in France, but the attack this time comes from the United States and militias of the politically correct who have invaded Hollywood and whose incredible power is now being measured nuisance on the artistic life. If only the petition evoked the actor, his filmography, his talent that after all can be discussed. Since The swimming pool (1969) The Red Circle (1970) and especially the magnificent M Klein (1976), by Joseph Losey, the list of films played by Delon in the second half of his career has a good number of failures where the comedian appears as a laughable cartoon of himself.

To challenge the palm of honor to be awarded at Cannes, it would have been enough to ignore the masterpieces that are Full Sun, Rocco and his brothers or Cheetah, to repost some excerpts from Cop's word, of Passage or the hilarious For the skin of a cop – done by himself – and daring to ask the question: Delon nice mouth is he really such a great actor? Unfortunately the petition launched on the website care2, which has already gathered nearly 19,000 signatures, does not speak of cinema. The crime of the actor? Guess … Have made comments "racist, sexist, homophobic" … And the text to exhume sentences actually pronounced by Delon on women or gay couples, something that can certainly be considered imbecile, not friendly, widely questionable but which, in a country governed by the law, are subject to freedom of expression. By the way, by the way, whoever interpreted the magnificent Tancred in Cheetah, signed by his friend and mentor Luchino Visconti who has never hidden his homosexuality …

Welcome to the new world

The actor is also accused of "domestic violence" that his sons, Alain Fabien and Anthony Delon, have several times publicly accused of. Has there ever been a complaint, a file, a trial? Nenni, but what does it matter? The dreadful witch hunt of the new leagues of virtue in the world of cinema has nothing to do with justice, the real one, the one that goes to court. In a beautiful text published in Point In 2018, the distributor of Woody Allen's films in France, Stéphane Celerier, was indignant at the media performance of the director, who had been whitewashed by the American courts with accusations of pedophilia against him. At the time, several actors, such as Rebecca Hall and Thimothé Chalamet, had already quickly positioned themselves on the side of the accusing pack, "regretting" officially to have worked with the director. Today, Amazon has broken its production agreement with the brilliant director ofAnnie Hall, and Allen, now in Hollywood, can not find any American publisher for his autobiographical project.

Welcome to the new world … A world where, even before the conclusions of the investigation actually opened on the actions of the actor Kevin Spacey, accused of sexual assault, the comedian saw the exit of his next film canceled by Netflix, and his purely and simply erased image of a Ridley Scott film: an execution without trial, in short, as in the time of the blackest Stalinism. A world where books such as Lolita, by Vladimir Nabokov, or American Psychoby Bret Easton Ellis, would not have the slightest chance of being published. "For a tweet, you can lose your job," Ellis recently lamented in the columns of the Point. "And in the society that is being put in place, it will be very hard for artists, and overall all those whose function is to express themselves. Because this society does not care about artists and what they may want to express: all that matters to them now is the potential pain that a social group can feel if they tell them something we can not say "…

same Game Of Thrones does not escape the steamroller of the simplistic moralism defended by the famous "Social Justice Warrior" (SJW), particularly fierce on the Web, who pass all work to the priority screen of its conformity to the "good" in terms of treatment of women and minorities. In the Hollywood Reporter, the journalist Maureen Ryan criticizes and writers of Game Of Thrones to be white, male and straight – a triple unbearable tare which led, according to her, to the fact that women – "in particular of color", she says – are badly treated in the series … One thinks to dream. "The Cannes Film Festival is committed to defending diversity. By honoring Mr. Delon, Cannes honors its odious values, "tweeted, even before the launch of the petition against Delon, Melissa Silverstein, founder of the organization Women and Hollywood. Thierry Frémeaux, general delegate of the festival, maliciously replied that if Alain Delon had indeed expressed opinions that he personally did not share, it was not the "Nobel Peace Prize" anyway. It was a question of giving him back there … Manner to say that contrary to Hollywood, one will perhaps try, in Cannes, to resist this nightmare: and to debate perhaps, finally, of cinema?


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