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Cannes film festival on the road to cancellation?

The concerts skip. The curtains fall. And cultural events, from Série Mania to the Paris Humor Festival, have been canceled in series. Only the fate of the Cannes Film Festival, one of the biggest events in the 7th art, remains uncertain. While the institution’s official response will not be given until April 16, our colleagues from Point claim now that “The festival will not take place”.

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This 73rd edition will take place from May 12 to 23. One of the 28 members of the board, who has not disclosed his identity, told the weekly that“It will be very difficult if not impossible to select films from China, Korea, Iran, Italy and probably from fifty countries, knowing that the actors and directors will not be able to travel . “

This source continues, evoking the problem of promiscuity and bans on assemblies: “Showing films in a 2000-seat theater will not be authorized and the slightest alert will worry festival-goers.” For this member of the board of directors, it is also unlikely that Spike Lee, appointed as the next president of the jury, will agree to “Stay fifteen days in the middle of a crowd in an uncontrolled sanitary state”. We must add to this that the film market, the largest of its kind, which is held in parallel with the festival, implies that thousands of people wander in a closed place for two weeks.

Official response mid-April

The Cannes Film Festival reacted on Twitter to the publication of Point, stating that “despite some sensational titles there is nothing new“Authorizing the journalists’ assertion. The event is currently in concert with the city of Cannes and the National Center for Cinema and Animated Image. The three institutions “Will take together, when the time comes, around mid-April, the necessary decision”, can we read in this message.

Last week, Cannes festival president Pierre Lescure told us to stay “Optimistic hoping that the peak of the epidemic will be reached at the end of March and that we will breathe a little better in April”. While it is now necessary to speak of a pandemic and the Paris Hospitals claim to have never been confronted with a phenomenon of such magnitude, this hope becomes increasingly thin.

According to Point, if canceled, all would not be lost. And a postponement of the event could be possible after the summer. The Angoulême French Film Festival is already held at the end of August and September is already occupied by the Venice Film Festival and the Toronto festival. Could that of Cannes make a place for itself? So many questions that will be answered on April 16.


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