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At the moment this 72e Festival wakes up, while the red carpet is not yet out of the laundry and the basement to accreditations is stormed by the movie buffs, the city is it in the same state in which we the plane left last year? Let's find out what has changed in the Cannes panorama.


Open-air macadam, the city center undergoes a complete renovation. Why organize such a mess during the Festival? And why not ! The place where the antique market was held has become a storeroom for construction machinery. The rue Félix-Faure and its touch-key restaurants are no longer based on bitumen: it has been ripped off like a dead skin and the road finds itself pierced by concrete manholes plunging into the sewers and drowning terraces of scents that are not very compatible. with the finesse of aioli.

La Croisette also has a new look. The challenge of a multi-year project that aims to widen its beaches, it can be resumed from September to April, renews (or not) concessions overlooking the bay and sees restaurants stuck to its flanks become "respectful of the environment".As a corollary of this lasting facelift, the pedestrian zone overflows the boulevard.


Around the Palais des Festivals, Cannes is transformed into a fortress. From 19 hours, the main roads, blocked, open the territory to only authorized cars. These should be satisfied, they are not. "It's totally inadequate, sweeps a taxi driver with turquoise goggles. There are still too many people. In the afternoon, any Dutchman with his van can circulate in the Banana (the hypercentre, ed). We must block everything at noon. " And our place to evoke the curious too many and stars increasingly rare. For the young festival-goer who is seen coming out of the office of the accreditations smiling to the ears, the stars populate the Croisette. For this driver, they belong to the world of yesteryear, like General de Gaulle to whom he says he shook hands at 12 years. This nostalgic speech, recurrent in the mouths of residents or tradesmen, leaves us perplexed. The overall quality of stardom would be down on the Croisette, where everyone has reacted?


This question is also of interest to Thierry Frémaux, the General Delegate of the Festival. "Because, basically, what is a star?" he asked Monday in front of a hundred journalists. Recalling the team's photosEasy Rider in 1969, with the nostalgic distance, we associate with a pantheon of stars with the nirvana of a higher time, Frémaux specifies that the Hopper and Nicholson were perfect unknowns. And if "Cannes always works a little on melancholy, on the" it was better before ", he urged festival-goers: "Celebrate our stars!" those of the day, surrounded by the stars of tomorrow. In Cannes, in fact, nothing changes: everyone is a star.


Or rather, if. There is a change, Fremaux teaches us: the Festival does not reach parity yet, as it committed itself to by 2020, but raises a better situation (read opposite). The Paris team has 61% women, the Cannes team 46% (the fault of the security guards, many, he explains, and very polite, let us add), the selection committee has as many women as men and there are as many presidents as jury presidents, which are exactly equal for the most prestigious of them. As for the number of women directors, all sections combined within the official, it has almost doubled (from 11 to 20). Bottom: Only 19% of the films in official competition were made by women."But do not mix parity and parity selection, which seems utopian, and has not been asked" last year, during the commitment made with the collective "50/50 in 2020". Believing that a lot was asked of the Festival, Frémaux concluded: "Now, when I see five male journalists tell me:" Parity at home is not won, huh … ", I ask them how things are at home."

Guillaume Tion

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