Cannes: pending the winners, our critics of the films in competition


Sibyl of Justine Triet. After Victoria, Justine Triet gives Virginie Efira a new name and a role of psy tormented in a dizzying comedy of disordered feelings. Our critic and our meeting with Justine Triet and Virginie Efira.

It must be heaven of Elia Suleiman. With acuity and humor, Elia Suleiman recounts as a Palestinian filmmaker seeking his place in the world vis-à-vis others. Our criticism

Mektoub My love: Intermezzo of Abdelattif Kechiche. In the second installment of "Mektoub My Love", the filmmaker continues his radical exploration of youth, filming trance and enjoyment of sweaty bodies beyond exhaustion. Our critic as well as the portrait of Hafsia Herzi, Marseille actress and filmmaker, back with the one who revealed it.

The traitor from Marco Bellochio. Far from Hollywood action scenes, Marco Bellocchio tackles the genre of the mafia film through the figure of the repentant Tommaso Buscetta and his revelations to Judge Falcone. Our criticism

Roubaix, a light Arnaud Desplechin. In "Roubaix, a light", a crime film about the murder of an old lady, the filmmaker performs a splashing social revolution. Our article.

Matthias and Maxime Xavier Dolan. Scalded by the failure of his previous film, the Québécois returns with "Matthias & Maxime", half-tone portrait of a loving friendship. Our criticism

Once upon a time … in Hollywood from Quentin Tarantino. The filmmaker unveiled Tuesday his film in competition at Cannes. With great Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio, he holds his love song for a Hollywood lost, but not until the end, ruining everything in a last revulsion. Our article.

Parasite from Bong Joon-ho. The South Korean filmmaker remixes his favorite social forms and considerations into a fierce fable about inequality. Our article.

Frankie Ira Sachs. Despite its casting all stars and the sun of Portugal, the Ira Sachs film locks in a theater of tourist and depressive paintings. Our criticism

Portrait of a girl on fire from Céline Sciamma. In her latest film, the director scans the birth of desire between a painter and his model in the eighteenth century. A beautiful game of looks on the condition of women. Our article and the portrait of Noémie Merlant, lead actress of this feature film.

The young Ahmed of Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne. In their new feature film, the story of a radicalized teenager reluctant to reintegration, the Belgian brothers touch the limits of their method. Our criticism

Whistlers from Corneliu Porumbioiu. The Romanian director signs a wonderful black film deconstructed around the tribulations of cops and Mafioso between Bucharest and Canaries. Our criticism

A hidden life from Terrence Malick. The American treats with too much emphasis the true story of an Austrian conscientious objector who stood up to the Nazis. Our article.

Wild Goose Lake, from Diao Yinan. With his film, the Chinese filmmaker annoys by his endless flood of free visual effects and his lack of empathy. Our criticism as well as the portrait of the director.

Pain and glory Pedro Almodovar. The Spaniard returns with a beautiful autobiographical film, but without narcissism, on the return to life of a filmmaker who is out of inspiration and desire. Our article.

Little Joe from Jessica Hausner. The Austrian film Jessica Hausner displays a dystopia in which genetic mutations on plants change them into predators. Our article.

Sorry we missed you from Ken Loach. After his gold medal in 2016 for "Me, Daniel Blake", the British again denounces the social breakdown in his vehement and demonstrative style. Our report.

Atlantic from Mati Diop. The Franco-Senegalese Mati Diop directed a stunning debut feature, a fantastic evocation of a Dakar youth tempted by departure. Our report and the portrait of the director.

Bacurau Kleber Mendonça Filho and Juliano Dornelles. After "Aquarius", Kleber Mendonça Filho and Juliano Dornelles film the fight of villagers of the Northeast of Brazil against an army of killers, in a furious dystopia. Our criticism as well as the portrait of the two Brazilian directors.

Wretched from Ladj Ly. Through the eyes of a young BAC police officer recently transferred to Montfermeil, Ladj Ly paints a dark portrait of a neighborhood where conflicts and virilist demonstrations are commonplace. Our article as well as the portrait of the filmmaker of Seine-Saint-Denis.

The Dead Do not Die Jim Jarmush. The American signs a fun zombie fable, which is brewing under the references and the stars. Our report.

We talked about it too: An easy girl Rebecca Zlotowski; Abu Leila of Amin Sidi-Boumediene; Freedom Albert Serra; kongo from Hadrian La Vapeur and Corto Vaclav; Por el dinero Alejo Moguillansky; Fuchun Mountains from Gu Xiaogang; Tommaso Abel Ferrara; The blind spot Patrick Mario Bernard and Pierre Trividic; Quicksilver Stéphane Batut; You deserve… from Hafsia Herzi; And then we danced from Levan Akin; We will all fart from Lech Kowalski; I lost my body of Jérémy Clapin.



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