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Captain Ultimo: “As a councilor I continue to fight as I did as a carabiniere”

Sergio De Caprio talks about the “close to” investigation into Consip and how to rejoice “it was not just the Renzi family”. Then he explains: “We were simply annihilated and persecuted in an unworthy way”

ROMA “We were simply wiped out, wiped out. With the joy of all, obviously, not only of the Renzi family ». So the captain Ultimo, Sergio De Caprio – the commander of the carabinieri who arrested Totò Riina – in an interview on Daily fact talks about the investigation (“touched”) on Consip, starting from the first investigations in Milan at the end of the 1980s up to now, moments that will be at the center of a mini-series.
How was your exit from Aise, the military secret service?
“It was an act of immense responsibility on my part and the carabinieri who were with me, to protect the agency, that is, the secret services and the Carabinieri, to remove it from manipulation by lobbies or small parties or parties. It was my choice, to remove important sectors of the state such as the services and the Carabinieri from the controversy ».
How was the return of the Aise to the carabinieri then?
“We were simply annihilated and persecuted in an unworthy manner. It wasn’t a good return. People practice power, they practiced it destructively towards 20 carabinieri. I hope they are happy and feel accomplished that they wiped out and wiped out 20 great fighters. I was able to see – he continues – that there are lobbies and very high officials who do not serve the country, but use the country. They are scum ». Now, as councilor for the environment in Calabria
«I continue to fight exactly as I did as a carabiniere. I try to plan the territories and the future together with the communities, listening and trying to support their dreams, claiming the value of the self-determination of the communities and trying to prevent anyone, ‘ndrangheta or lobby, from manipulating the legitimate aspirations for dignity, equality , brotherhood “. “I will continue for the few months that remain to be the Councilor for the Environment – he concludes – then I will return to being the nothing from which I come. On the road, always alongside the weakest. I call myself a fighter. I remain a carabiniere and I will die as a carabiniere ».

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