Car cleaning protects against transmission: Corona: play it safe in a rental car

If the big car rental companies such as Europcar, Sixt, Avis and Co. have enough time between the individual rentals to clean the car thoroughly, the situation is very different with car sharing offers. Nobody knows who drove the car before and how exactly the person with hygiene in the vehicle took it. A strong sneeze from the previous user can significantly increase the risk of infection. However, many people are now afraid of using public transport, buses, trams or S-Bahn trains and are therefore switching to e-scooters and in the metropolitan areas in particular to the practical car sharing models. After all, the users normally have no direct contact with each other. One switches off the car, locks it with the app, and the next user is usually not within sight or reach. That creates security.

But whoever gets in often has an uncomfortable feeling and can only be countered with a cleaning operation. Because none of the car sharing providers can be expected to mumble directly with the cleaning cloth behind every vehicle rental. This is up to everyone and so you are well advised to wipe at least the most important surfaces with several cleaning cloths or a disinfectant. Particularly important: steering wheel, gear stick, steering column lever, belt, lock and dashboard. But it doesn’t stop in the car itself. The door handles on the outside and on the trunk lid should also be opened with a handkerchief before use and your hands immediately cleaned with a cleaning cloth. It is exactly the same when refueling – regardless of whether it is a combustion engine, an electric car or a plug-in hybrid. Here, too, the handles of the dispenser are possible sources of danger for virus transmission, which should be reduced.

Since the outbreak of the Corona Virus, car rental companies have been cleaning more than ever not only the rental car itself, but also the counters and counters of the rental counter. “We have also improved the already extensive cleaning techniques of our vehicles after each rental. In particular, we pay attention to the places that people touch, such as steering wheels, door handles and other hard surfaces,” says Avis, for example. Similar to Sixt Share, who also offers me a car sharing fleet: “We clean our branches intensively to minimize virus transmission. All vehicles in our Sixt fleet are professionally cleaned in a multi-stage process to minimize the potential transmission risk. “

A motorcyclist wants to show off strongly and embarrasses himself violently.

At some car rental companies, it is possible to clarify everything online or via the app, which avoids any direct contact at the pick-up point. If you are still unsure and do not want to make your booking, car rental companies like Avis currently offer not only to cancel them free of charge if you are affected by travel restrictions due to the Corona Virus. All European changes before May 1st can be changed or canceled free of charge.

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