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Carabinero case infiltrated in Lo Hermida: they denounce that the cash led at least one attack on the Peñalolén sub-police station and the Government insists on defending the “public servant”

The real Giovanny Arévalo Álvarez appeared after the fall of the mask of a carabinero who was infiltrated in Lo Hermida, Peñalolén, and who was discovered by his appearance on a television program where he appeared impersonating his identity to create the character with which the uniformed man made intelligence work.

The young man, a native of Alto Hospicio, is 21 years old and told Cooperative Radio that what happened is “super dangerous” for him and his family because, according to the radio outlet, “they can commit any crime, kill a person, burn something, all with my name on it, and then they come to me. save me? “he wonders.

The real Giovanny reported that he only found out this morning of the situation. “Getting up with my wife and daughter, my brother calls me and sends me screenshots,” said the young man who works as a freelancer, pololitos -he says-, in construction and “whatever comes out.”

Let us remember that, according to a report by Cyprus, the policeman, whose real name is Óscar Cifuentes Salgado, had an identity card, with RUT, under the name of Giovany Arévalo Álvarez, protected by the Intelligence Law that allows Carabineros to request such documents from the Civil Registry. The uniformed man even kept a BancoEstado Account Rut, through which he deposited money for pots common to the social organization in which he infiltrated.

The undercover policeman assured that he had been in the “first line” in Antofagasta and that he wanted to confront “the cops” because he was “detonated.” Even before being discovered, the agent tried to motivate the members of a social organization to carry out a surprise attack on the Lo Hermida sub-police station. However, her story collapsed after a neighbor went to a medical center in September, and on the screens located in the waiting room she saw that Channel 13 was promoting the repetition of a chapter of the program “Against the wind and tide.” The protagonist was “Giovany”, but this time he used his real name and the uniform of the Carabineros.

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The story of the infiltrated carabinero is not new and, according to Interference, one of the accused of the attacks on a Peñalolén sub-police station, only 15 years old, and who since yesterday has been at home under house arrest, recounted how “Giovany Arévalo”, the infiltrated policeman, would have financed the purchase of gasoline, incited attacks on Carabineros and ensures that he saw him throwing Molotov cocktails at the institution’s cars.

The teenager told the media that “Giovany” had links with all the detainees of the alleged illegal association “AntiYuta21” and even the infiltrated carabinero would have functioned as an executor, recruiter and financier. He would even have participated as a leader in at least one attack against the Peñalolén police station.

Government reiterates defense of infiltrated carabinero

Focusing on the fact that public order is a priority for the Government, the Interior Minister, Víctor Pérez, reiterated La Moneda’s defense of the Carabinero infiltrated in Lo Hermida.

The chief of the cabinet said that the intelligence actions of the Carabineros are “essential to dismantle violent groups within the framework of a strict norm.”

Pérez reiterated the Intelligence Law, it is a law that will continue to be applied in both intelligence and investigative standards because “the underlying interest of that legislation is that the State have procedures to dismantle violent groups.” In his opinion, the fake Giovanny’s operation “had a good result even this week.”

Regarding the complaint of the real Giovanny, the Secretary of State said that whoever makes a complaint has the right to make it and the pertinent procedures will be carried out. But, “to attribute to a public servant, to whom the State places him in a dangerous situation such as infiltrating, that he is going to commit criminal acts, is inappropriate,” attacked Minister Pérez for whom infiltration is an appropriate instrument.

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“I want to assure you that those who carry out these actions do not commit criminal acts and have a very strict control. If someone wants to make a complaint, they have the channels to do so,” he closed.

The government’s responses do not conform to the experts. “All bad,” said the sociologist and director of Public Space, Lucía Dammert, on Twitter, also pointing out that doing police intelligence is not instigating to commit crimes. “Intervening criminal organizations is not forming them or insisting on violent actions. Protecting your identity is not using someone else’s. Justifying is recognizing that anything goes and that erodes the rule of law,” he declared.

Former prosecutor Carlos Gajardo also referred to the situation and commented that an undercover agent, protected by the intelligence law, “cannot become an agent provocateur who incites other people to commit crimes and then denounce and arrest them.” “This is not protected by the rule of law,” added the lawyer on the social network.

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