Carapaz answers Movistar: “I was not disloyal”

The last winner of the Giro, now in Team Ineos, blames the “lack of confidence” on his departure from the Spanish squad.

Carapaz, during a time trial of the 2018 Tour.

“I don’t want an unfair uncle on my team.” The six chapters of the documentaryHe gives less thought(Netflix), which narrates from within the experiences of the Movistar team in the three great rounds of 2019, allow us to meet the different personalities that coexist in the Spanish squad. One of the clearest conclusions is that, among sports directors under the command ofEusebio UnzuThe most frontal is Pablo Lastras, the one who bites the tongue the least. And in no scene is that trait so evident as in the one that speaks of the decision ofRichard Carapazof leaving for Ineos: “His future does not worry me, he has not shown loyalty.”

A few words that have reached the Ecuadorian cyclist, who in statements to ‘ESPN Bike’ has denied the greatest. “I have not been disloyal in any sense. I gave more than what I was asked. As a runner I did my best, and if they do not value me, each one will draw their conclusions,” said Carapaz, adding a new chapter to a conflict. that changed, who knows if forever, the Movistar team.

This story begins more than a year ago, when Movistar negotiated the renovation of the corridor, which it considered one of its greatest exponents for this season, already assumed the marches of Quintana and Landa and the arrival ofEnric Mas. At one point, Ineos appeared with a million dollar offer and Carapaz accepted it. But that was not what bothered the telephone squad, but that the Ecuadorian and his agent concealed the agreement with the Ineos to, presumably, not penalize their hierarchy in a Giro that would end up winning. “You feel worse because things have not been told to you when perhaps they were already resolved well in advance,” says Unzu, always restrained, in the documentary.

“I was 25 years old, I wanted to experiment”

“I did not want to be in the shadow of anyone, but always thought about making my own way. I never had a confidence that perhaps was never transmitted to me, or was transmitted to me very little. I said that I was 25 years old and wanted to experiment new things and, if I am wrong in making the decision, I prefer to be wrong now and not later, “Carapaz has now explained, despite the fact that in that same documentary the implication of the entire team to achieve the ‘pink jersey’, including the fromMikel Landa, who goes to the Giro as the first sword.

Movistar then made the drastic decision to stop working withGiuseppe Acquadro. The cost of this break was high, since the Italian has a wide portfolio of Spanish and Latin American cyclists, the usual fishing grounds of Unzu. In fact,Imanol ErvitiandSergio Samitierthey changed agent to continue blue this year andDavid de la CruzHe saw how his signing by the telephone set was frustrated. Forced by the circumstances, Movistar has fished in the European market as it has never done before.

The conflict flared up in August. Carapaz was going to be, along withMarc Soler, the team leader in the Vuelta. However, he went to the Netherlands to run a critrium without the Movistar knowing it and there he suffered one each. He did not take the start in the Vuelta and then ended a relationship that, months later, continues to write chapters.

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