Carl Pei has left OnePlus – Tablets and Phones – News

Carl Pei has left OnePlus, which he founded with Pete Lau. He speaks of ‘following his intuition’ and ‘spending time with family and friends’, but previous reports from sources such as TechCrunch speak of a power struggle within the Chinese company.

In a blogpost Pei states that OnePlus has ‘been his sole focus in recent years’ and that it is therefore high time to see his friends and family again. Pei further expresses his gratitude to Pete Lau, who, according to Pei, “took a chance on a kid without a degree.” Lau is about 14 years older than Pei. He does not say what his next step in his work will be.

According to Earlier messages From Android Central and TechCrunch, a few days ago, there was a power struggle within OnePlus, Pei has been replaced as the leader of the Nord product line, and wants to start a new company. However, these media speculate that all of this is kept out of the spotlight so as not to distract from the release of the OnePlus 8T, the newest device, taking place now.

The now 31-year-old Pei came into contact with Pete Lau in 2012 and together they founded OnePlus, a subdivision of Oppo, a year later. Lau is still a director of the company. Pei was more the face of the company to the outside world, including regular interviews.

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