Carmena Police points to the fashion of hybrids


The creation of low emission areas such as Madrid Central, or the municipal regulations themselves aimed at reducing vehicle emissions have motivated cities such as Madrid that more and more car users are interested in cars with low or no emissions, such as electric cars, plug-in hybrids or electric and gas hybrids. The Municipal Police also joins the fashion of electrified cars, with the addition of new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV and Toyota Prius + units to their fleet, suitably adapted to the needs of the body, and which are already available to patrol the streets.

Toyota hybrids
Thus, Toyota has delivered a fleet of 50 units of Prius + to the Municipal Police of Madrid, which will use its new vehicles for patrol and security work in the streets of the capital. The agents that are part of the Municipal Police of Madrid already have at their disposal the new units of Prius +, the first electric hybrid MPV in the market.

The 50 new Toyota Prius + have been modified to adapt perfectly to the needs of the agents of the Municipal Police of Madrid. Thus, in addition to specific signage, in yellow and blue and with the shield of the City of Madrid on the hood and the rear doors, have a bridge of lights, detainee kit with partition and specific compartments for police equipment in the trunk .

With this fleet of 50 Prius +, the Municipal Police of Madrid joins other bodies and security forces that have chosen Toyota to equip their agents with the best working tool, such as the Barcelona Urban Guard and L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, in both cases choosing Toyota Prius +, or the Ertzaintza, which opted for the all-terrain Toyota Land Cruiser.

Mitsubishi plug-in
In addition Mitsubishi has just delivered to the Municipal Police of Madrid 23 units of the plug-in hybrid SUV Outlander PHEV, which have been assigned to the Department of Environment of the City of Madrid. Thanks to this new endowment, the police of the capital will be able to patrol both the surroundings of Madrid, as well as the center of the city without emissions and consuming zero liters of fuel, thus contributing to the decided policy of the Consistory towards the improvement of the environment . The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, flagship and technological flagship brand, has just reached a new milestone in Europe and Spain, becoming the best selling plug-in hybrid in all segments for the fourth consecutive year and exceeding 200,000 units enrolled in all the world.

The Municipal Police of Madrid will count, for its monitoring and intervention, with a vehicle of the category "Zero Emissions" with blue label, with four-wheel drive and 54 km of autonomy in electric mode. The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is also a state-of-the-art SUV equipped with the most advanced technology, both in elements that improve driving and in active and passive safety aspects.

The blue label of the Outlander PHEV gives you enormous advantages, depending on the place of residence, such as free parking in the green and blue areas with no time limit, unlimited access to the city center and residential priority areas (APR), including with any level of contamination protocol activated, significant discounts in tolls, free access to the Bus / HOV lane, etc. In addition, Mitsubishi is so convinced of the excellence and reliability of its vehicles, that it gives them a five-year warranty and, in the case of the Outlander PHEV, a specific warranty of eight years for the battery. (tagsToTranslate) cars (t) hybrids (t) police (t) municipal (t) toyota


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