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Carmignac launches its proprietary ESG research system focused on trajectory and results

Carmignac announced on Friday the launch of START (System for Tracking and Analysis of a Responsible Trajectory). This proprietary research system combines the vision of managers and analysts and external data in order to systematically integrate the analysis of ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) criteria into its investment process, for all Carmignac funds. .

START has been developed over the past twelve months by the Responsible Investment team, led by Sandra Crowl, Stewardship Manager, in order to formalize the most relevant approach possible in terms of responsible investment.

Maxime Carmignac, Managing Director, sponsor of the Responsible Investment team, declares: “Our independence frees us from short-term performance obligations. In terms of ESG, we assess the current situations of companies and also take into account their future trajectory. START allows us to conduct these assessments with discipline and is intended to become a cornerstone of our investment process. We are convinced that our comprehensive approach to ESG helps us fulfill our primary mandate: to create value for our clients over the long term. ”

Relying on various external data sources as well as on the vision of Carmignac’s investment teams, START provides a formal, structured and forward-looking analysis of each company, its responsibility and its purpose. It provides both an ESG score based on all relevant information – main ESG indicators, controversies and impacts – and a score reflecting the assessment of investment teams, based on in-depth analyzes carried out on companies and industries. . START helps investment teams understand potential ESG risks while evaluating the positive impacts of companies on society and the environment.

Maxime Carmignac concludes: “As active managers, we must engage in dialogue with companies and use our shareholder rights to encourage them to improve their management of environmental risks, the management of their human capital, as well as their governance. We want to give our customers the possibility of accessing our proprietary search system in the future. By making our process transparent and accessible, we want to create a dynamic focused on impact and bring about a collaborative approach in the asset management sector. ”

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